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Readers Respond: What are your favorite multiplayer online shooters?

Responses: 35


FPS fans have a remarkable number of games to choose from these days. What are your favorite multiplayer online shooters?


COmbat arms (eu) FTW!! .... It can be annoying because of the hackers sometimes but its still really great tho...
—Guest Omarf1


what happened to tf2 went from number one to non existent? (Dave replies: It's now free, so it has been moved to the free shooters list.)
—Guest jag

ArmA 2

It may not be as fun as BF3 or whatevs but if your going for realism you cant go past it
—Guest Steve

Legions Overdrive- Free to play FPS

It's free to play, easy to download. Enjoy freedom of movement, when you control a state of the art cyborg with high-tech weapons and the ability to fly. TDM and CTF, with 20+ classes. Nothing else compares. Try it out at www.legionsoverdrive.com and watch this unofficial trailer: http://youtu.be/HFSRR1hitoE
—Guest Overdrive

hl2 deathmatch

If you can get past learning curve, team deathmatch hl2 is very fun to play. The gap between expert veterans who play and noobs can be vast.
—Guest jakhamr

Combat arms

combat arms is cool but Call of Duty black ops is just like combat arms but better! better graphics, guns, and black ops doesnt have hackers, well it has hackers it has like 4 or 5 hackers better than combat arms, in combat arms 30% or more of the players are hackers AND YOU HAVE TO TRY BATTLEFIELD PLAY 4 FREE!! its awesome!
—Guest bruta

Sudden Attack

I think Sudden Attack is a great games and it should be on this list with the amount of people play every day :| Yes, it's old but my opinion is it's better than CS
—Guest Hey!

You need Red Orchestra

Add Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45, a ww2 multiplayer game. Big maps, 64 players, and a focus on realism gets you as close as you can to realww2 combat. Big focus on teamwork and tactics. Also has plenty of tanks.
—Guest GuestJoriko


CS is number one! With DOOM, Quake, and TFC after ( just my opinion though). Oh yeah and mw2 isnt a "great" game, it's just that a lot of little brainwashed (by the media of course) kids bought it.
—Guest Hi

Popularity, quality, gameplay, secure

those are main things what are needed and A.V.A aliance of valiant arms has it. Its one of the worlds best games online whitch hasnt got many hackers. There arent any hackers or 1 hacker per 10.000players or even more becayse security there is the best 2 is counter strike source then cs1.6 then combats arms whitch has MANY HACKERS every server where i came in was about one hacker and thats much and cs1.6 every2 porson has WALL HACK about source i dont know but there is a very good gameplay and graphic, but there are some hackers A.V.A rules
—Guest Popularity, quali

best game ever

the best game ever is combatarms cause good guns and free to play and other cool stuf
—Guest unit9000

My favorite FPS was strike force

ye back to time Strike Force (the UT Mod) was simply a great FPS enjoyed by loads of players on internet.
—Guest OoWAx

unreal gold infiltration standoff

i still run a server still today,great old game.wanna play? have unreal gold ?then all u need is the newest patch 227f,located at oldunreal.com
—Guest niteowl

Arma 2

Kudos on Arma-2 nice to see you guys keeping this list updated!

FF = TFC Source

Team Fortress 2 on top? You've gotta be kidding me. I agree with most of your selections, but I can't put TF2 on that list no way. TFC is a hell of a lot better than TF2 despite its age. If you're looking for TFC Source : www.fortress-forever.com Its Free. Its fast, its TFC Source... all you need is a source game to play. irc.gamesurge.net #ff.pickup
—Guest Lynus

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