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World of Warcraft Holiday Screenshots


Massively multiplayer online games typically break out decorations and hold special events over the holiday season. World of Warcraft has a number of cute ways to celebrate, including gadgets that will turn your character into a Gnome Santa, reindeer mounts, and snowball fights.
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World of Warcraft ScreenshotSnowman in OrgrimmarGnome SantaWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotReindeer MountWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotA Reindeer Train
World of Warcraft ScreenshotReindeer RidingWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotOrc SantasWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotDwarf SantaWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotSnowmen in Ironforge
World of Warcraft ScreenshotA Big Christmas TreeWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotGoblins Bearing GiftsWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotPX-238 Winter WondervoltWorld of Warcraft ScreenshotDancing Santas

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