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Flying Mounts


Flying Mounts
World of Warcraft's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, introduced flying mounts into the game. They require level 70 and Expert riding skill (225). Epic flying mounts are faster than standard flying mounts and require Artisan riding skill (300). To use a flying mount in Northrend, you need to learn the Cold Weather Flying skill from the trainer in Dalaran.

Alliance Flying Mounts
  • Gryphon - Riding Skill: 225, Colors: Ebon/Golden/Snowy
  • Swift Gryphon - Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Blue/Green/Purple/Red
Horde Flying Mounts
  • Windrider - Riding Skill: 225, Colors: Tawny/Blue/Green
  • Swift Windrider - Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Red/Green/Yellow/Purple

Reputation Reward Flying Mounts
Reputation rewards give you an alternative to Gryphons and Windriders if you want transportation that looks a little different. Earning reputation with certain factions allows you to purchase special items from vendors associated with that faction.

  • Riding Nether Ray - Sha'tari Skyguard (Exalted), Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Purple/Green/Blue/Silver/Red
  • Netherwing Drake - Netherwing (Exalted), Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Onyx/Azure/Veridian/Purple/Violet
  • Cenarion War Hippogryph - Cenarion Expedition (Exalted), Riding Skill: 300
  • Armored Snowy Gryphon - Alliance only, Kirin Tor (Exalted), Riding Skill: 300
  • Armored Blue Windrider - Horde only, Kirin Tor (Exalted), Riding Skill: 300

Loot/Quest Flying Mounts
Some of the bosses and quests in World of Warcraft can also yield mounts. These mounts tend to be relatively rare, as there is only a chance that a defeated boss will drop one.

  • Drakes - Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Black/Blue/Bronze/Azure/Twilight
  • Proto-Drakes - Riding Skill: 300, Colors: Green/Blue/Time-Lost
  • Pheonix - Riding Skill: 300, Drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye, Tempest Keep
  • Onyxian Drake - Riding Skill: 300, Drops from Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair

Achievement Flying Mounts
World of Warcraft now has quite a few flying mounts that are rewarded for reaching certain milestones within the game's Achievement system.

Crafted Flying Mounts
Characters with the engineering or tailoring profession can learn to craft a few devices that serve as flying transportation. Right now these include flying carpets made by tailors, flying machines made by engineers, and a vial crafted by alchemists that teaches you to summon a Drake.

  • Flying Carpet - Tailoring 410, Riding Skill: 225, Can only be ridden by tailors
  • Magnificent Flying Carpet - Tailoring 425, Riding Skill: 300, Can only be ridden by tailors
  • Swift Spellfire Carpet - Tailoring 450, Riding Skill: 300, Can only be ridden by tailors
  • Flying Machine - Engineering 350, Riding Skill: 225, Can only be ridden by engineers
  • Turbo-Charged Flying Machine - Engineering 375, Riding Skill: 300, Can only be ridden by engineers
  • Sandstone Drake - Alchemy 525: Vial of the Sands, Riding Skill: 225, Transforms you into a dragon that can carry one ally on its back

Gallery of Flying Mounts

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