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One of the great things about games is the sheer variety. There are games you play for fun, games you play for challenge, and games you play socially with friends. But there are also games that try to do more. This new wave of artistic games attempts to use the medium as a way of expressing something unique and thought provoking.

For casual gamers these games are very accessible, as they are often short and fairly simple to grasp. It also doesn't hurt that they're all free and most can be played from the comfort of a web browser. Here are some great titles to get you started in the world of artsy games.

1. Coma

Witty Hobos

This beautiful Flash game takes place inside the mind of a young boy. You'll explore a twisted dreamscape full of strange creatures where everything is not what it seems. It only takes a few minutes to play, but they're definitely worth it to see everything this game has to offer.

2. Passage

Jason Rohrer

With old-school, pixelated visuals and limited interactions, it's amazing just how powerful Passage is. It's a game about life, and the passage of time. Through the game's five minute run time you grow older and the world changes with you. You can divert from the path, but in the end, will it matter?

Passage is also available for the iPhone.

3. Every Day The Same Dream


If you are, or have ever, been stuck in the world of office drudgery, Every Day The Same Dream will feel disturbingly familiar. You act out five different days, all nearly identical except for a small change here or there. And it all ends in a curious and emotional final scene.

4. Small Worlds

David Shute

Small Worlds is all about exploration. You play as a tiny character surrounded in darkness. But as you explore, the world slowly begins to reveal itself. Despite its short length, the game is incredibly satisfying, creating a world that, in spite of its simplicity, is full of wonder and mystery.

5. Samarost

Amanita Design

This unique adventure game from the creators of indie Machinarium is as strange as it is compelling. You explore a strange, alien world full of all sorts of oddities and quirky characters. You're never quite sure what to do, and why you're doing it, but somehow the game still manages to keep you captivated.

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