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How To Play PopCap Games For Free


Over the years, PopCap Games has created some of the most addictive and well known casual games on the market. Titles like Bejeweled and Peggle have stolen countless hours of our time due to being just so hard to put down. But if you haven't yet experienced the joy of a PopCap game, there are plenty of ways you can test them out without dropping a dime. Here are a few ways to enjoy four of the developer's best games for free.

1. Bejeweled

PopCap games

There are several different versions of this popular match-three puzzle game and just as many ways to play it for free. PopCap's website hosts free browser-based demos of both Bejeweled 2 and Bejeweled Twist, which allow you to play some of the early stages free of charge. But if you're in the mood for a quick fix of jewel matching action, there's also the excellent Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, which has you playing the game in one minute spurts.

2. Peggle

PopCap Games

Imagine pachinko mixed with an arcade game set in a magical land of unicorns, and you'll have Peggle: an excellent way to spend an afternoon (which may very well turn into an evening). You can play a free trial of the game on PopCap's site, but you'll have to download the PopCap plug-in in order to do so. But there's a free, downloadable version of the game as well. It's comprised of 10 levels all featuring themes from the ultra popular MMO World of Warcraft. In addition to the short single-player campaign, there's also duel and quick play modes.

3. Plants vs Zombies

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Unfortunately, as of now there's only one way to play (for free) what is arguably PopCap's most addictive game: the hilarious strategy game Plants vs Zombies. Like Bejeweled, you can play an in-browser demo of the game on PopCap's website, which gives you access to the first few stages. However, if the $20 asking price of the full version is too much for you, there's an excellent iPhone version of the game available for just $2.99, and it features almost all of the content of its PC counterpart.

4. Zuma

PopCap Games

The popular ball-matching game Zuma is also available in limited form on PopCap's site, but unlike the other games, it supports Facebook Connect. This means that if you sign in with via your Facebook profile, the game will display a high-score leader board so that you can compare your scores with those of your Facebook friends who also play the game.

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