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Top Free Online Action Puzzle Games


Puzzle games don't have to entail tremendous amounts of logic and deliberation. Adding arcade-like action or physics to a puzzle game can bring some luck and reflexes to the exercise. These are puzzle games that keep up the pace and often have you shooting your way out of difficult situations.

1. Peggle

Peggle Screenshot
PopCap's pachinko-inspired Peggle has been one of the most successful casual games in recent times, and has been ported to a wide variety of platforms. The objective is simply to clear all the orange pegs from the screen before you run out of balls, but it takes a wonderful combination of luck and skill. Peggle is a finely polished game with great attention to detail, like the slow motion close-up you get when your ball is about to hit the last orange peg on the screen.

2. Tetris Friends Online

Tetris Screenshot
Tetris is a classic puzzle game first released way back in 1985. The game can now be played for free in a Web browser on the official site, with a few extra game modes. Tetris has entertained generations, and will likely be around for generations to come.

3. Zuma

Zuma Screenshot
Zuma is one of many games that combines quick shooting with color matching. Levels are played on different tracks balls come in more colors as you progress. Watch for power-ups that will push the chain backward for a while, slow the chain down, give you a temporary targeting reticule, or blow up all the balls in the area.

4. Super Pop & Drop

Super Pop & Drop Screenshot
Another of GameHouse's fine creations, in Pop & Drop you are required to shoot down an advancing wall of balls with balls of the same color. If you can match large sections in the back you can break off portions of the front in chunks. You can also bank shots off the sides to get into hard-to-reach spaces.

5. Bubble Town

Bubbletown Screenshot
Essentially a clone of Pop & Drop, Bubble Town spices it up a little by using heads instead of balls. Some of the heads are sleeping and must be woken up before they can be cleared from the screen. The graphics are cute and it has become one of MSN Zone's most popular free games.
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