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Web Games

Some of the most popular online games are those that run right in a Web browser. If your browser software and plug-ins are up to date, Web games are a quick, easy, and, in many cases, free form of entertainment.
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  2. Casual Games (15)
  3. Christmas Games (18)
  4. Flash Games (20)
  5. Game Collections (29)
  6. Game Show Games (6)
  7. Halloween Games (13)
  8. Online Chess
  9. Online Pool (9)
  10. Play for Money (21)
  11. Shockwave Games (17)
  12. Social Games (15)
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HTML 5: The Future of Video Gaming?
Game technology is always evolving, and HTML 5 is shaping up to be the next big step for browser-based gaming. It seems destined to supplant a number of current browser plugins, and it will likely herald a new generation of graphics and audio on the Web.

Top Free Art Games
One of the great things about games is the sheer variety. There are games you play for fun, games you play for challenge, and games you play socially with friends. But there are also games that try to do more. This new wave of artistic games attempts to use the medium as a way of expressing something unique and thought provoking. For casual gamers these games are very accessible, as they are oft…

How To Play PopCap Games For Free
Over the years, PopCap Games has created some of the most addictive and well known casual games on the market. Titles like Bejeweled and Peggle have stolen countless hours of our time due to being just so hard to put down. But if you haven't yet experienced the joy of a PopCap game, there are plenty of ways you can test them out without dropping...

Top Free Online Tower Defense Games
Tower defense games have been growing in popularity at a rapid rate ever since the success of Flash Element Tower Defense and Desktop Tower Defense in 2007. Essentially, you have to destroy multiple waves of oncoming hostiles (creeps) by placing defensive towers on the map. These are some of my favorite tower defense games.

Top Free Online Action Puzzle Games
Puzzle games don't have to entail tremendous amounts of logic and deliberation. Adding arcade-like action or physics to a puzzle game can bring some luck and reflexes to the exercise. These are puzzle games that keep up the pace and often have you shooting your way out of difficult situations.

Top Free Online Pinball Games
They will never be quite like the old arcade pinball machines with roll digits, but online pinball simulations are getting incredibly realistic and there are no quarters required. Free pinball has become a way for companies to promote their brand and encourage people to visit their Web sites. Some online pinball games use Shockwave , so th

Top Free Online Match-3 Puzzle Games
Match-3 games have become a staple of the casual game genre over the years, and you'll now find them adapted to countless different themes and seasons. The central mechanic they all share is that the player must find or create sets of similar items, typically three or more, to complete the game's objectives. Older versions of these games are often given away to promote newer versions. Here are so…

Top Free Online Mahjong Games
Mahjong (or Mah-jongg) is a tile-matching game that originated in China over a century ago. Today it is played all over the world, and like many other traditional games, there are now a multitude of free online variations of Mahjong you can play in a Web browser. The rules are very simple; you select matching tiles from the vertical edges of the layout to remove them, until all the tiles are gone…

Web and Text-based Games 101
From poker to roleplaying, there is a Web game for almost everyone. If you have no idea where to start, this is a quick summary of the types of games available and what you will need to join in the fun.

Top Graphical Web Games
There are scores of graphical games available on the Web which can be enjoyed by anyone with a browser and the necessary plugins. These are some of the most compelling and innovative Web games currently available. Many of the sites offer downloadable versions as well.

Playing Internet Pool
Pool has become one of the most popular free online games, with tens of thousands of players participating at any hour of the day or night. Now you can rack 'em up from the comfort of home, even if you don't have a table.

Plug-Ins 101
Graphical Web games typically require a browser plug-in to run properly. Chances are you already have the most common plug-ins, but if you're having trouble running Web games, this is a quick explanation of browser plug-in software and how to find and install these tools.

Adventure Quest RPG
Fight monsters and tackle quests in this free browser-based RPG. Although it is relatively simple, new content is added regularly, and it has that anime look many people find adorable.

Balance of Power
A free turn-based strategy game where players conquer countries, build cities and develop their territory to become a powerful ruler. It has both single and multiplayer modes, a graphical interface, and a high score list.

Carnage Blender
Carnage Blender is a free strategy RPG with a strong economic component. Players compete with each other to build the most powerful team.

A very comprehensive list of places to play chess online from Chessopolis.

Connect Four
Drop disks into the lowest empty square and align four or more disks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win.

Crea-Soft Jigsaw Puzzles
A professional jigsaw puzzle game with 400 beautiful images, having all the tools a complete jigsaw game should have, including a free online version.

Dweebo's Stone Games
Play Pente, Keryo-Pente and Gomoku with players from around the world in your Web browser. Good player statistics and tournaments.

Falling Sand
An intriguing time-waster that lets you divert and alter streams of constantly falling sand by drawing on the screen with various tools. Although there are no objectives, it's a relaxing and fun distraction.

FIFA Soccer 97 Gold Edition
This classic soccer title can now be enjoyed online at EA Sports. Noticeably dated graphics compared to recent releases of FIFA Soccer, but it makes for some great free entertainment just the same.

Final Conquest
Final Conquest is a simple multiplayer strategy game very similar to the board game "Risk." It's free and it runs in a Web browser using Java.

An addictive free puzzle game that is easy to learn and looks great. The higher levels get quite challenging.

Habbo Hotel
Habbo is a free online community where you can furnish your own room, adopt a pet, hang with friends, or play casual games. It runs in a Web browser using Shockwave, so there is no large download required.

Knockout Kings Web Boxing
An intense boxing game that looks great and is quite difficult to master. Fight as Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, or Joe Frazier.

NASCAR Web Racing
16 signature cars which you can race as on five different tracks from the NASCAR circuit. One of the best free racing games on the Web, it even has joystick support.

Network Slime
As crazy as it sounds, this site has everything you need to play Slime Volleyball over a Network. You know you want to!

NHL 97
You may remember playing this hockey classic from EA on your Sega Genesis. Now you can get your team onto the ice right through your Web browser, with the same graphics and sounds as the original.

OGame is a real-time, strategic space simulation playable in a Web browser. Each player takes the role of an intergalactic emperor, trying to strengthen his influence throughout the galaxies. This is the English version of the game, which is available in 15 languages.

Pardus is a graphical sci-fi game playable in browser. Set in outer space, the objective is to seek fame and fortune through combat, trade, piracy, bounty hunting, and other means.

A fun racing applet, although I never could get used to steering with arrow keys.

Renaissance Kingdoms
This free Web-based RPG is set in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The player attempts to rise from rags to riches, ultimately becoming a prominent member of the community that can influence the destiny of thousands of other players.

A Java-based 3D MMORPG adventure that you can play for free. As primitive as the graphics are, it's quite amazing and it's gathering a sizeable following.

Become the manager of a soccer team and take responsibility for everything from the players to the stadium. SoccerProject is free and runs in your Web browser.

Sunday League
Manage a football (soccer) team in Sunday League, a popular browser-based sports game. Prizes can be won by the season's top managers on certain servers.

The Doors
Can you find your way out of the house? The Doors is an unusual puzzle/adventure game that requires some imaginative problem-solving and perseverance. The lack of instructions is all part of the fun.

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