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Computer game developers have long dreamt of bringing the fantasy roleplaying of games like D&D into the digital age. Now, thanks in part to the Internet, fantasy and reality are getting closer every day.

Diablo 3: The Online Only Debate
The online only requirement in Diablo 3 doesn't sit well with a lot of single-player fans. Here's a look at the debate surrounding this requirement and what the implications of it are.

Diablo 3 and Real-Money Trade
The proposed real-money auction house for Diablo 3 has created a bit of a stir among fans. This is an examination of the controversy and a look at how a real-money auction may impact gameplay in Diablo 3.

Guild Wars Interview
ArenaNet has recently announced an expansion and a sequel for their award-winning Guild Wars series. The expansion, Eye of the North, is scheduled for release around Christmas 2007 and will feature high-level content for current Guild Wars players. Guild Wars 2 is also being planned, but don't expect to get your hands on it before 2009 or 2010....

Guild Wars Nightfall Review (PC)
Guild Wars is an online RPG that has attracted a large following with engaging cooperative missions and a highly refined PvP system. Nightfall is the latest stand-alone addition to the series, offering a new campaign to explore and introducing NPC Hero units that level alongside your character. Here's a closer look at this popular title.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Review (PC)
Given the success of pen-and-paper D&D and the numerous video games that have since worn the title, it was only a matter of time before someone turned Dungeons & Dragons into a massively multiplayer game. D&D Online: Stormreach is Turbine's virtual recreation of the Eberron campaign, with a heavy emphasis on the dungeon crawls that made this franchise famous.

Guild Wars Factions Screenshots
Screenshots of Guild Wars Factions, an online roleplaying game from NCsoft and ArenaNet.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach Screenshots
Screenshots of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, an online roleplaying game based on traditional D&D from Turbine Entertainment.

Guild Wars Review
Guild Wars is an online RPG with a difference. You get an epic adventure akin to those of single-player classics and highly-competitive team PvP battles right out of the box, with no monthly fees. If you want quick action in an immersive world without the huge time commitment, this may be the game you've been looking for.

Top Multiplayer RPGs
Highly graphical multiplayer RPGs have become a trend in online gaming that has been impossible not to notice in recent years. These games don't come with persistent worlds or monthly fees, but they do provide a wide variety of Internet play options.

Diablo II
The second iteration of one of the world's most popular RPGs.

Diablo Forge
Class, skill, and equipment guides, as well as a Lords of Destruction encyclopedia.

News, files, quest guides and more for Diablo 2.

Dungeon Siege
Official site of this 3D roleplaying adventure game published by Microsoft, which supports up to 8 players over the Internet.

Freedom Force
A strategic RPG that lets you become a super hero. This game is vaguely reminiscent of X-com, but also has a good roleplaying element. Unfortunately multiplayer online support could be better.

Freedom Force Skins
Excellent custom skins and other files for Freedom Force.

Guild Wars
Guild Wars is a medieval fantasy MMORPG from ArenaNet and NCsoft which makes liberal use of instanced zones and features an engine that allows them to stream live content to players on the fly.

Neverwinter Nights
An RPG that aims to bring Dungeons & Dragons into the computer game era. It is playable over the Net and supports up to 64 players per map.

Neverwinter Tavern
Great Dungeon Master resources along with other helpful files and forums.

Neverwinter Vault
All kinds of information and files for Neverwinter Nights, including new modules and scripting tutorials.

NWN Module Reviews
Figuring out what Neverwinter Nights module to play next can be daunting with so many choices. These reviews might help you narrow it down a little.

Planet Baldur's Gate
A site from GameSpy which provides good coverage of the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series. Features character and item banks.

Planet Dungeon Siege
Valuable resources for map makers, as well as a host of game information.

Planet Neverwinter
Modules, patches, tilesets, and a variety of useful information for Neverwinter players.

Sacred is a medieval fantasy RPG released in March of 2004. It has a large and open-ended world with some unique combat features, such as the ability to fight on horseback. Some of the multiplayer modes allow up to 16 players, and many fans consider online play better than the single-player campaign.

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