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Pro Video Game Competitions

Although I doubt that you will ever see video games in the Olympics, the big LAN competitions are beginning to take on some of the stature of major league sports, especially in Korea. There are a growing number of high-stakes tournaments taking place all over the world, and a handful of gamers now earn a living competing in these events. Here are of some of the most prominent video and computer game competitions.

Cyberathlete Professional League
Launched in 1997, the CPL describes itself as the world's first computer gaming sports league. Over the years they have hosted final tournaments on five continents and qualifying tournaments in over 40 countries.

Gamecaster intends to hold LAN competitions which will be broadcast on national television. They will be featuring both console and PC games.

Global Gaming League
The GGL is dedicated to bringing gamers together for the purpose of organized competition. They have player rankings, ladders, and high-stakes tournaments. Membership is free.

PCGN Gaming Leagues
This site organizes Counter-Strike clan matches, ladders, and leagues.

Dating back to 1996, QuakeCon features one of the longest running and most prominent LAN competitions in North America. From humble beginnings with only a few hundred people in attendance, QuakeCon has grown into a major event attracting gamers from around world and offering thousands of dollars in prize money.

Twin Galaxies
Twin Galaxies is essentially a high-score record book for a very wide range of video games. The focus is on single-player world records, but they also have contests and tournaments.

World Cyber Games
Originating in South Korea, the World Cyber Games has become the world's largest video game competition. Gamers from as many as 55 countries participate in the 7 day tournament for medals and enormous sums of prize money.

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