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Play by Email Games

Play-by-email (PBM) is a method of online gaming that is at least as old as the Internet itself. There is still an active email gaming community, and you don't need the latest hardware or hundreds of hours of spare time to get involved.

Exodus War
Turn-based multiplayer tactical space combat with gamma-ray lasers, fusion warhead missiles, and kinetic kill weapons. Animated game turns are delivered by HTML-enabled email.

KJC Games
This company hosts a variety of veteran play by email games, including Quest, Space Troopers, Warlord, Chairman, and Phoenix.

Matrix Games
Matrix Games offers a variety of turn-based strategy games with an old-school board game feel. Many of these games have play-by-email capabilities, including Empires in Arms, Battleground Civil War, Napolean in Italy, Advanced Tactics: WWII, Commander: Europe at War, and others.

Medieval Diplomacy
Medieval Diplomacy is a strategic PBM wargame that uses a graphical interface to facilitate gameplay.

Olympia: The Age of Gods
Build a merchant empire or command a mighty army in this email game from Scott Turner.

A sophisticated science fiction game with very open gameplay and human moderation. Features a mix of roleplaying and tactical combat.

Play by Mail (PBM/PBEM) Home Page
Greg Lindahl's extensive PBM and play-by-email list.

Settlers of Catan by Email
This is a Yahoo Group founded to support an email version of the famous board game. They take a novel program/database approach to controlling game functions.

UKIFL Fantasy Soccer
Game information is handled by email in this fantasy soccer league based on teams taken from different divisions in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

World of Lagas
A play-by-email fantasy RPG set on mythical islands in a fictional, open-ended world. Like most RPGs, you create a character and set out to explore new lands, only in this case you play in turns and issue orders by email.

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