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MUDs and MUSHs

The Internet turns out to be a great platform for the text-based adventure gaming some of us remember from the early days of computing. Multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and multi-user shared hallucinations (MUSHs) bring thousands of players from around the world into this imaginative form of gaming.

Aardwolf MUD
Established in 1996, Aardwolf is a popular fantasy MUD with a huge world to explore, a friendly atmosphere, and plenty of good help for people new to this type of gaming.

Achaea - Dreams of Divine Lands
A widely respected MUD that downplays the traditional monster bashing in favor of highly developed player vs. player politics, economics, and world affairs.

Adventures Unlimited
Over 5 years in existence, Adventures Unlimited is a roleplaying adventure MUD with astounding community involvement, a large world to explore, and tons of extra features.

Avalon: The First Age
Another highly-regarded MUD based on the decades old world of Avalon. A detailed game with plenty of opportunities for roleplaying and a convenient Java client for play through a Web browser.

Avalon: The Legend Lives
This immersive, custom-coded online world has been over ten years in the making. One of the most expansive MUDs you will find anywhere.

Barren Realms MUD
A well-established medieval fantasy MUD with a no player killing or player stealing environment and over 100 areas to explore. Plenty of help and support for newcomers.

BatMUD is a very old medieval fantasy MUD with a completely revamped game client they call Batclient. It's very easy to learn, customizable and lightweight.

Ceasar's Arena
A turn-based strategy game involving player vs. player arena battles for gold and experience. It's not a MUD, but it is text-based and runs in a Web browser.

Cities of Glory
Cities of Glory is a MUD with a unique world of over 25,000 customized rooms with huge mobile and object diversity. There are currently 13 well developed races and 12 balanced subclasses to play.

Dark Grimoire
The Dark Grimoire is a free fantasy MUD with a focus is on character development and community building.

An excellent fantasy roleplaying MUD run by Simutronics with a very dedicated user base. Players even get the chance to meet at events held in Las Vegas and St. Louis. 30 day free trial.

Fatal Dimensions MUD
A European-based MUD playable using Java or Telnet. It has been online since 1996.

Roleplaying adventures in a future full of genetic alterations and cybernetic implants.

Legends of Terris
An old and very sophisticated fantasy MUD that still has thousands of active players. The free trial lets you play up to 3 different characters for up to 5 sessions each.

Lensmoor MUD
A large MUD based in mythology with a Java client that runs in a Web browser.

Lost Souls MUD
Lost Souls is a small, long-running MUD with a long history of continual innovation. The learning curve is steep, but the experience is deep and rewarding.

Materia Magica
Materia Magica is a venerable, free MUD with an immense world, a very helpful Web site, and a large, dedicated player base.

This MUD is renowned for its enormous worlds, magnificent battles, and epic quests. It has been around since 1991 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Answers to some of the more basic questions about MUDding, including a good explanation of what a MUD is.

MUD2 Home Page
The modernized version of a MUD that dates all the way back to the late '70s. Undoubtedly one of the most expansive and sophisticated MUDs available, but there is a small fee to play.

The MUD Connector has a very large MUD database with over 1800 listings, as well as MUD news and discussion of MUD-related issues.

MUDseek is a Google custom search engine indexing hundreds of hand-picked MUD-related web sites.

Available to the public since 1990, this impressive game features over 50,000 locations, more than 100 quests, many guilds and even more clubs.

Nightmist Online
A free MUD that makes extensive use of graphics. Features a medieval world full of monsters, shops, taverns, guilds, and other players.

OtherSpace is a unique free roleplaying game with a sci-fi theme. The aliens are alien (and sometimes so are the humans), the plots can be earth-shaking or subtly personal, and the staff is friendly.

A MUD based on a land of mystery and magic. Site features a Java client so that you can connect to the game directly through the Web.

A full-featured Windows client that supports MUSH, MUD, MOO, MUCK, Talker, and Raw Telnet.

Skotos Online Game Channel
Skotos offers high quality text-based RPGs, graphical RPGs and strategy games for a monthly fee. Also provides players with the tools to create their own games.

Turning Point MUD
The Turning Point MUD is a roleplay-intense, fantasy environment, where players can jump into the challenging, diverse world as any sort of character. The site has excellent information on getting started and how to excel at roleplaying on TP MUD.

Valhalla MUD
Features 50 levels of tough mortal adventures, a built-in system of law and order, an arena for harmless player killing, and even a fully automated "Newbie Guide" for those completely new to MUDs, or those who need a little help getting started.

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