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Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzone Basics


December 29 2011

Like many recent MMORPGs, Star Wars: The Old Republic offers instanced PvP scenarios where players fight over objectives on teams of limited sizes. In this case they are called Warzones, and so far they all involve matches between 2 teams of 8 players. Warzones become available at level 10 and let you earn valor, experience, credits, and commendations.

Joining the queue for Warzones is done via the Warzone button next to the mini-map. You have the option to join solo or as a group. There are also daily Warzone quests available that give your rewards for a win a nice boost.

One major difference between SWTOR's Warzones and the battlegrounds of other games is that Warzones are not divided into level brackets. Instead, character stats are scaled to fit the level of the match, which is intended to put players on a roughly equal footing. However, lower level characters still have fewer abilities, skill points, and equipment bonuses than high level characters, so the debate continues over how well this approach is working.

Here is a quick summary of the Warzones that are currently available in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


In the Alderaan Warzone players start out on troop transports above the planet and they fly to the ground on speeder bikes. The objective is to destroy the enemy team's transport, which is done by taking control of the laser turrets on the battlefield. There are 3 turrets, and when your team takes control of one it begins to fire on the enemy transport. Subsequently, the team that holds the most turrets the longest will be victorious.


Huttball is played inside an arena called "The Pit," where two teams try to take the ball that appears in the middle and run it across the opposing team's goal line. The player with the ball moves relatively slowly and the ball can be passed to other players on your team. As well as the dangers presented by the opposing team, the arena itself is riddled with fire, acid and anti-gravity traps. The game ends either when the time limit runs out or one team gets 6 points. In the event of a tie, the last team in possession of the ball wins.

Unlike the other Warzones now in the game, Huttball teams (the Frog Dogs and the Rot Worms) are made from random players taken from both factions, rather than the usual Empire vs. Republic teams.


The Voidstar Warzone takes place on a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser, believed to hold the schematics to a powerful weapon. An attack/defence scenario is used in this Warzone. One team tries to reach the computer core and download the schematics while the other team does their best to stop them. Voidstar matches are broken up into several rounds with attackers and defenders alternating sides. The team that acquires the data the fastest is the winner. If neither side makes it to the computer core, the team that came closest is awarded the win.

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