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Game Hardware

Although processors and video cards are getting faster than any of us might have dreamt a decade ago, computer games continue to push hardware to its limits. This is where you will find the latest in online gaming equipment.

Why I Love My Desktop PC
Mobile computing has become very popular in the last decade, but I'm still a diehard desktop PC user. These are the reasons they'll have to pry my desktop from my cold, dead hands.

Steam Hardware: Could It Change the Game?
Valve appears set to get into the hardware business. This is a summary of what we know so far and some of the potential pitfalls such a project may face.

Ouya: The $99 Android Console
A proposed new game console called the Ouya has had a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, so there has been a lot of dicussion about whether a $99 device running Android could compete in the current market.

Top Keyboards for Gaming
There are a wide variety of keyboards on the market designed for gaming. This list has some suggestions for people considering an upgrade to a gaming keyboard.

Buying a Keyboard for Gaming
The keyboard is a vital part of any PC gaming system and options for gamers have grown rapidly over the years. Here are some things to consider if you're looking to buy a keyboard for gaming.

Solid State Drive Basics
A solid state drive, or SSD, can improve boot times and make your games load faster. They've become much more affordable in recent years, and many gamers are now adding them to their desktop systems.

Top Mice for Gaming
Mice are loaded with features these days, and there are a tremendous variety of mice designed for gamers on the market. If you want a good weapon for PC gaming, these are some of the best mice available.

Top PC Video Cards for Gaming
Every experienced gamer is familiar with constantly escalating hardware demands of the latest games. These graphics cards are sure to get your frame rate back up to tolerable levels.

PC vs. Console
In recent years consoles have become a viable alternative for online gamers, with services like Xbox Live growing at a brisk pace. The latest generation of consoles are more attractive than ever, but the PC remains a dominant force in online gaming. Although I'm sure many households now have both PCs and consoles, here is a quick comparison for...

Will Consoles Kill PC Gaming?
If you've visited your local electronics store recently, it's not hard to get the impression that consoles are taking over the video game industry.Despite occasional successes like World of Warcraft, retail PC game sales clearly aren't keeping pace with their console counterparts. Is PC gaming doomed to become the domain of casual Bejeweled players and the handful of hard-core nerds willing to tinker with their processor clock speeds, as some analysts have suggested?

Before You Buy a PC Video Card for Gaming
Whether you are considering an upgrade to your current system, or you want your new system to be able the latest games, here are some things you should know before buying a video card for gaming.

PC Game Accessories
Peripherals can be a big part of the game experience, and a favorite mouse or gamepad is sometimes the difference between winning and losing. These accessories can dramatically improve the way we interact with games and, in some cases, make us more competitive.

Advanced Micro Devices - AMD
Manufacturer of the Duron and Athlon family of processors.

ATI Technologies
One of the world's largest video card manufacturers. They are now offering 256-bit architecture in their high-end products.

Intel Corporation
The world's leading microchip manufacturer, makers of the Pentium line of processors.

Matrox Graphics
The lastest Matrox video card carries 256MB of RAM and supports multiple diplays. "Surround gaming" anyone?

nVidia manufacters the GeForce 3D accelerator, which currently leads the way in the graphics card industry.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Comparative tests and reviews of a wide range of the latest computer hardware, with gamers in mind.

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