1. Technology

Online Game Basics


Today's Internet games include everything from text-based multi-user dungeons to massively multiplayer games with sophisticated 3D graphics. There is a trend toward including online multiplayer capabilities with high-end retail games, and casual browser-based games have also become extremely popular in recent years. This is an overview of the types of games available and what you will need to play them.
  1. Getting Started
  2. Gaming Hardware

Getting Started

Battlefield 2142 Screenshot

Online gaming is a growing pastime, so there are always those who are interesting in giving it a try but have no idea where to start. Sorting through the terminology and figuring out which games are the best fit for your purposes can be a daunting task, so here are some good places to begin.

Gaming Hardware

Once solely the domain of computers, consoles have joined the online game world in recent years. This has given online gamers a greater variety of hardware options, but the PC remains the dominant platform for online gaming, so this is the platform we concentrate on here. Console hardware is covered on our console gaming sites.

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