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Most Anticipated Games of 2013


January 11 2013

It seems to be our nature as gamers to always be looking ahead for the next big title, regardless of how many games we picked up on Steam sales but never had time to play.

Having already had a look back at online gaming in 2012, we'll now look forward to 2013 and games that we might be playing before the year is over.

The Elder Scrolls Online

This highly-respected single-player RPG franchise is being adapted into a MMORPG by ZeniMax Online Studios. The game will be set on the continent of Tamriel, familiar to fans of the series, but it will take place a millennium before Skyrim. The three playable factions in the new game have been revealed, and we know that it will have dungeons, raids, and faction-based PvP. They also plan to use technology that doesn't divide players onto separate servers.

Total War: Rome 2

The Total War series has become an institution among strategy fans, and many think the Rome was the best of the bunch. Creative Assembly has announced that they will revisit the era with their next game, Rome 2. There is nothing quite like their unique blend of turn-based and real-time gameplay on the market, and this will bring the Rome setting up to date with their latest graphics engine.


Firefall is an online shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world being developed by Red 5 Studios. Along with both PvP and PvE components, the game will feature customizable "battleframes" you can switch between, rather than traditional classes. With jet boots and jet packs thrown into the mix, we can expect plenty of Tribes-like vertical action from the game. Firefall is currently in beta testing, which you can apply for on the official site.


The next major MMORPG published by NCsoft will be WildStar, a light-hearted offering set on the fictional planet of Nexus. One of the game's key features will be a path system that will allow players to pursue alternate activities tailored to their interests. Fast-paced combat is planned for WildStar, as can been seen in several of the videos that have been released, and in-game housing is also on the agenda.

Star Citizen

Space simulations could soon see a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to the success of several Kickstarter campaigns. One to watch for will be Star Citizen, a new title from Chris Roberts, who is well known for his work on classic games like Wing Commander and Freelancer. This could be his most ambitious project yet, offering both a single-player/co-op campaign and a massively multiplayer online universe.

Company of Heroes 2

Not a lot has happened with the Company of Heroes RTS franchise since the Tales of Valor expansion was released in 2009. A free-to-play online version of the title never made it out of beta. Now Relic is working on Company of Heroes 2, which will feature action on the Eastern Front of World War 2. The original had an extremely popular multiplayer component and we can expect the same from the second installment in the series.


Despite coming from a small independent developer, Minecraft has been a huge hit, so it's no surprise that people are looking forward to the next project from Mojang and Markus "Notch" Persson. So far we've seen a little artwork of the game and we know that it will have spaceships. There are videos on the official site of some early tests using placeholder graphics, and it looks like it will have an FPS element.

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