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Online Game Show Games

If you want to do more than watch, some of today's game shows offer versions that can be downloaded or played online, often with nothing more than a Java-enabled Web browser.

Family Feud
A downloadable version of the hit TV game show that will have you guessing the results of over 2,000 survey questions. There is a free trial available.

Deal or No Deal
Flash "Deal or No Deal" from the official NBC Web site. No prizes are awarded, but they also have a link to the King.com version where significant winnings are up for grabs.

Jeopardy Online
Free single-player Jeopardy is a classic test of your knowledge of trivia. There used to be a multiplayer version online as well, but unfortunately it was cancelled.

Lucky Case Game
The Lucky Case Game runs in conjunction with the airing of the Deal or No Deal game show. You use a cell phone to text message your pick for the Lucky Case and get a chance at winning big money. Only available in the U.S.

Wheel of Fortune (Multiplayer)
MSN Games has a multiplayer version of Wheel of Fortune that makes it easy to invite your MSN Messenger friends into a game.

Wheel of Fortune 2
Single-player Wheel of Fortune from Sony Pictures that can be enjoyed in a browser window or purchased for play on mobile devices.

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