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There are several factors to consider when selecting Web games for kids. Many games offer educational and non-violent content, but it's also important to avoid games with integrated chat and sites that display inappropriate advertising. The following sites provide a clean and safe environment for kids to have fun and learn playing online games.

Wizard101 Review (PC)
You're a young wizard being trained in the ways of magic at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts under the watchful eye of headmaster Ambrose. As you learn to harness mystical powers, you'll be tasked with saving the school from the evil Malistaire Drake. Wizard101 is an online game for kids that has many of the trappings of an adult MMORPG built around an unusual card-based combat system, and it has been capturing the imagination of people of all ages.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Review
Disney isn't just about movies and theme parks anymore, they've become a serious contender in the online games market, with a variety of titles aimed at youngsters. Pirates of the Caribbean Online is their latest effort, based on the famous movie series, and it lets you skirmish with scurvy dogs and plunder ships on the high seas.

ToonTown Online Review
In addition to the the obvious safety concerns, many MMORPGs take a considerable effort to learn to play and they often feature violent content that isn't appropriate for children. Disney has taken a different approach with ToonTown, resulting in an online game that isn't just squeaky clean, it's easy to learn and entertaining enough that the adults in the family will likely want to play along.

Top Action Games for Kids
What kid doesn't enjoy Dr. Suess, Harry Potter, and SpongeBob SquarePants, especially when combined with a video game? These games from our Computer Action Games Guide would bring a smile to any child's face.

Sim Games for Older Kids
PC simulation games suitable for kids around the age of 9 and up. There are plenty of non-violent titles on the list which adults enjoy as well.

Baobab Planet
Baobab Planet is a fantasy world where children can build their tree house on a planet that's shaped like a tree. There are a variety of games to play, and parents are encouraged to get involved by setting up missions and challeges for their child. It's a safe environment for kids and you can get started for free.

BSA Cyber Tree House
Cyber Tree House is an imaginatively designed Flash site with games appropriate for children and plenty of tips for kids on how to use the Internet safely.

Cartoon Network Games
Free Web games based on the TV shows aired on the Cartoon Network. Over 100 games to choose from.

CBC Kids
A child-oriented site from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with a good selection of free Web games for kids. There is content on the site for preschoolers as well.

Chevron Cars Playground
An excellent collection of educational and fun Shockwave games that are safe for the entire family. Some of them provide learning materials and test kids' knowledge about a variety of subjects.

Club Penguin
A moderated online world from Disney where kids waddle around as cute little penguins. Club Penguin features kid-friendly games, chat, and igloos they can decorate. The basic version is free, but you get more options with a subscription.

DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker
Puzzlemaker is a tool for creating and printing customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your own word lists. Great for teachers and students, there are online and CD versions of the software available.

Disney's Blast
Disney provides a variety of safe online entertainment for children. One of the best sites available for kids under 10 years of age, many of the games feature familiar characters form Disney's animated movies.

Driving Kids
This is a colorful interactive world designed for preschool and early-school children. Driving Kids features a variety of educational games that involve logic, math, problem-solving, memory training. and puzzles.

Math, spelling, and quiz games on a very well-designed site. FunBrain also offers an assortment of tools teachers and students that want to make their own quizzes and homework printables.

Funschool features a large variety of free, browser-based, educational games sorted by grade level.

Habbo Hotel
Habbo is a free online community where you can furnish your own room, adopt a pet, hang with friends, or play casual games. It runs in a Web browser using Shockwave, so there is no large download required.

Quality Flash and Shockwave games for youngsters, including Math Mayhem, Fraction Frenzy, and Lemonade Tycoon.

NASA Kids' Club
NASA Kids' Club features educational games at five skill levels which are aimed at elementary school students. These resources support national education standards in math, science and technology. They are available in Flash, non-Flash, and text versions for accessibility to all users.

Planet W Games
Good collection of Flash games for kids, including word search, trivia, and paddle ball.

Professor Fizzwizzle
In this popular downloadable game the objective is to help Professor Fizzwizzle find his way back to his lab. Use his gadgets to solve over 200 puzzles in this celebrated title.

Interactive and educational ways for kids to learn. These games can also be sorted by recommended age.

A Java-based 3D MMORPG adventure that you can play for free. As primitive as the graphics are, it's quite amazing and it's gathering a sizeable following.

SpongeBob's Obstacle Odyssey
SpongeBob has been lost at sea and needs your help to get back together with his friends. Enjoy a colorful underwater adventure with this famous cartoon character.

ToonTown Online
MMORPGs aren't just for adults. This title from Disney is aimed at kids, allowing them to create their own Toons and help Mickey stop an evil robot invasion using cream pies and other gag weapons. All names are screened and chat has been replaced with preset text functions to keep it squeaky clean.

A puzzle building and solving game similar to the old board game Mouse Trap. An excellent free game for kids.

Yahooligans Games
Yahoo has a free Web games section that is devoted to games suitable for children. While many of these games, such as pool, chess, and dominoes, are available on their adult site, the multiplayer games on Yahooligans don't have integrated chat.

Good Flash games for kids in a relatively large format. Titles include Maze Craze, Galactic Journey, and Frog Jumpin.

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