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Robot Unicorn Attack Review (Facebook)

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Robot Unicorn Attack Review (Facebook)

Robot Unicorn Attack

Adult Swim

Review Date: September 30, 2010
Developer: Spiritonin
Publisher: Adult Swim
Platform: Facebook
Genre: Platformer

With the original Robot Unicorn Attack, Adult Swim scored a surprise hit thanks to a combination of addictive gameplay and a bizarre premise. The game has since been ported to the iPhone and, now, Facebook. Unfortunately, there's little here to entice players to switch from Adult Swim's website to Facebook. This is the exact same game just with a few social features tacked on.

A Curious Port

The Facebook version of Robot Unicorn Attack is identical to the original browser version. It's a two-button game that has you controlling the titular robotic unicorn as it leaps and dashes across a never ending sea of floating platforms. One button will cause you to jump (and double jump) while the other controls a dash attack that lets you smash through giant sparkling stars. If you've played the original, or similar games like Canabalt, the set-up will be very familiar. There's no actual ending to the game, instead the goal is to go as far as possible before crashing.

Basically, it's the exact same game as before. The only actual difference in the Facebook iteration is the addition of leaderboards, which let you compare high scores with your Facebook friends. It's set-up in a tournament fashion, so the leaderboards re-set on a weekly basis. Strangely, the Facebook port also seems to have performance issues. The frame rate chugs along occasionally, resulting a very choppy experience.

The Bottom Line

Really, if you've played either of the other versions of the game, there's absolutely no reason to check out Robot Unicorn Attack on Facebook. You can already play the game in a browser, and that version is much smoother. So the real question is why this port exists at all. Sure, it's still a great game that can eat up hours of time, but there are much better versions of it that are also free to play. Unless the idea of Facebook leaderboards excites you, you're probably better off sticking with the browser version.

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