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TERA Rising Review
A review of TERA Rising, the relaunched free-to-play MMORPG from Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment.

Need for Speed World Review
A review of Need for Speed World, a free-to-play online racing game from Electronic Arts.

PlanetSide 2 Review
PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer shooter from Sony Online Entertainment. It's set in the sci-fi world of Auraxis and offers battles on a scale that few games can match.

Guild Wars 2 Review
A review of ArenaNet's new MMORPG, Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 First Impressions
ArenaNet's MMORPG sequel, Guild Wars 2, launched in late August and people have been swarming into Tyria for some fresh adventures. Here are my first impressions of this popular new title.

Tribes: Ascend Review
Our review of Tribes: Ascend, a free-to-play online shooter from Hi-Rez Studios.

Battlestar Galactica Online Review
Itching for a little space combat? Battlestar Galactica Online offers Colonial vs. Cylon fleet battles right in your Web browser. Here's our review of this sci-fi MMORPG from Bigpoint.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review (PC)
Renowned game developer Bioware's first MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, let's you dawn a lightsaber or a blaster pistol and fight your way across the galaxy. We've posted our review of this new game for your perusal.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review (PC)
Battlefield 3 is one of the biggest FPS releases of 2011. The game features a wide variety of combat vehicles, destructive environments, and spectacular graphics. This is our review of the game's multiplayer component.

Age of Conan Unchained First Impressions
Age of Conan is a brutal, adult-oriented MMORPG set in the universe of Conan the Barbarian. Like a lot of other games in this genre, it has adopted a free-to-play revenue model, so I thought it would be good time to revisit Hyboria.

Age of Empires Online Review (PC)
The Age of Empires series is among the most renowned in the RTS genre, and its latest incarnation is a free-to-play online-only offering. Age of Empires Online is cuter and more casual than earlier games in the franchise, and it blends in a few MMORPG elements.

World of Tanks Review (PC)
It seems that the most inventive games often come from independent developers that have little to lose and everything to gain from trying something different. World of Tanks is an inspired mixture of simulation game and shooter with a viral quality that leaves you wondering why no one has done this before. Here's a closer look a this new F2P...

Rift Review (PC)
You've probably noticed that the number of fantasy MMORPGs on the market has soared to such heights in recent years that it's getting hard to tell one from the next. Rift enters the scene with its own take on elves and dwarves, as well as a remarkably complete set of features for a game of this kind. They've also introduced a dynamic spawn...

Red Remover Review (Browser)
There are few better ways to spend your time on a computer than with a good puzzle game. A game like Red Remover. It's the type of game that has simple goals and simple controls, yet it will frequently tax your brain as you try to come up with solutions. You'll be removing red from the game, but your face might just be turning red as you play.

Cooking Mama: Friends' Cafe Review (Facebook)
Mama sure does get around. After numerous releases across game consoles, handhelds, and even mobile phones, the Cooking Mama series has finally landed on Facebook. And nothing has been lost in the translation. The game sports the same bright and happy style coupled with great mini-game-based gameplay that has made the series so popular.

The Secret Plant Society Review (Facebook)
The Secret Plant Society isn't the type of game that's full of grandiose plans and expectations it can't live up to. It's a gardening game, plain and simple. You plant, water, and cultivate seeds, all the while decorating your virtual greenhouse. And that's about it. But in spite of its relative simplicity, The Secret Plant Society is...

Phantasmat Review (PC/Mac)
A hidden object game about a haunted hotel sounds like about the most cliche game imaginable. But Phantasmat is anything but. It's spooky, challenging, and full of great writing and a small cast of memorable characters. It's lengthy and beautiful and, in short, just about everything you could want in a hidden object game.

Rebuild Review (Browser)
When zombies take over the world, what will you do? That's the question that Rebuild, an incredibly addictive browser-based strategy game, asks. It's your goal to rebuild the world as we know it through careful planning. It's not particularly difficult, and it's over surprisingly quickly, but while it lasts Rebuild is hard to step away from.

The Secret Plant Society Review (Facebook)
The Secret Plant Society isn't the type of game that's full of grandiose plans and expectations it can't live up to. It's a gardening game, plain and simple. You plant, water, and cultivate seeds, all the while decorating your virtual greenhouse. And that's about it. But in spite of its relative simplicity, The Secret Plant Society is...

Phantasmat Review (PC/Mac)
A hidden object game about a haunted hotel sounds like about the most cliche game imaginable. But Phantasmat is anything but. It's spooky, challenging, and full of great writing and a small cast of memorable characters. It's lengthy and beautiful and, in short, just about everything you could want in a hidden object game.

Rebuild Review (Browser)
When zombies take over the world, what will you do? That's the question that Rebuild, an incredibly addictive browser-based strategy game, asks. It's your goal to rebuild the world as we know it through careful planning. It's not particularly difficult, and it's over surprisingly quickly, but while it lasts Rebuild is hard to step away from.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Review (PC)
The evolution of Blizzard's blockbuster MMORPG has been a six-year spectacle that has been impossible to ignore. The remarkable strides World of Warcraft has taken over the course of 3 expansion packs have put an ever-growing chasm between it and its closest competition. The latest expansion for WoW is Cataclysm, and as well as adding the...

James Patterson: Catch a Killer Review (Facebook)
James Patterson is known for writing some of the most engaging thrillers around, and now he's on Facebook. Catch a Killer takes a fast paced, intense Patterson crime drama and wraps it up in a hidden object game. It may not be all that original, but the approachable gameplay and great writing make it well worth a play.

Pinball Soccer Stars Review (Browser)
If you mashed together pinball and foosball, you'd get something that looks a lot like Online Pinball Soccer Stars. The browser game mixes the two styles of play into a game with a very intriguing premise and a nice twist on the regular pinball formula. But as good as that premise is, it doesn't matter when the game has such poor physics.

Heaven's Diner Review (Facebook)
Restaurant themed time management games are nothing new, but on Facebook the genre is woefully underrepresented. So thank the heavens for Heaven's Diner. The game brings the same core gameplay that has made games like Diner Dash so successful, only it's playable on Facebook, with all the expected features. There's even an iPhone app that lets...

Uphill Rush 3 Review (Browser)
The Uphill Rush series is one of the web's preeminent time wasters, and the third entry is no different. Uphill Rush 3 features lots of crazy vehicles to pilot, a wide array of courses to speed across, and action that's both fast and exciting. In fact, if it weren't for the fidgety controls and wonky physics, this game would be almost perfect....

Soap Opera Dash Review (PC/Mac)
The Dash series of time management games has tackled everything from food preparation to wedding planning, and now it tackles the world of television with Soap Opera Dash. With so many spin-offs you'd think that the formula would start to grow stale, but the latest game offers plenty of new twists to make it feel new again. Who would've thought...

Haunted Legends: The Queen Of Spades Review (PC)
Stop me if you've heard this before: a number of people have mysteriously disappeared in a haunted mansion, and it's your job to investigate. That's the basic premise of Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades and, unfortunately, it's about the most cliche story around, especially when it comes to hidden object games. And the same goes for the rest...

Terrafarmers Review (PC)
The Farm Frenzy series has been in a decline, with a steady stream of sequels that offer nothing new. So how do you reinvent the popular time management series? Easy, go to space. Terrafarmers features the same basic structure as the FF series, but mixes things up with new gameplay elements and fresh sci-fi setting. It's the game you wish Farm...

CityVille Review (Facebook)
It's only been a few weeks since Zynga announced its next game, CityVille. And now it's finally here. In a lot of ways CityVille feels like a melting pot of other games all mixed together. Games like Sim City and FarmVille and FrontierVille. It's also one of the biggest and deepest games on Facebook. By borrowing liberally from so many other...

Bejeweled 3 Review (PC/Mac)
There are match three games, and then there is Bejeweled. The crown jewel of the genre, we haven't seen a main entry in the series since Bejeweled 2 back in 2004. And while the series is known as the best match three experience around, somehow, the third entry manages to improve the formula. Bejeweled 3 is the best Bejeweled to date.

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Review (PC/Mac)
The Mystery Case Files series has been around a long time, almost since the beginning of the hidden object game genre. And the 13th Skull, the seventh entry in the MCF series, shows just why the franchise has had such long lasting appeal. Though it plays out as a pretty straightforward HOG, superb production values, a lengthy adventure, and...

Steambirds: Survival Review (Browser)
The original Steambirds was a brilliant browser-based strategy game, thrusting players into a world of dynamic and challenging turn-based aerial combat. The only real problem was it was too short: the small number of available levels were over far too quickly. Its sequel, Steambirds: Survival fixes this with a never ending mode and some...

Rat'N'Roll Pinball Review (Browser)
The days of shoving quarters into bulky pinball machines may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a good game every now and then. Disney's Rat'N'Roll Pinball provides a great, free alternative that you can play in the comfort of your web browser. It may be a bit simple, but Rat'N'Roll is great way to get in some fast...

Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal Review (Browser)
What a difference a song can make. The original Robot Unicorn Attack, and its subsequent iPhone and Facebook ports, took the world by storm thanks not only to its addictive gameplay, but also its bizarrely cheerful presentation, which included the use of the 1990's pop song "Always" by Erasure. Spiritonin's follow up doesn't add anything new in...

Zuma Blitz Review (Facebook)
When Popcap released Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, it stumbled across the perfect formula for creating a perfect arcade experience on the platform. And now the developer has done it again, only this time with the Zuma franchise. Zuma Blitz transforms the marble slinging series into a series of short, addictive bursts that will soon become the...

Marooned 2: Secrets of the Akoni Review (PC/Mac)
As soon as you think you're out, they pull you right back in. At least that's the case for Macy, star of the Maroon series of hidden object games, who is forced to make an unwanted return to a mysterious island. And while Marooned 2: Secrets of the Akoni manages to further along the intriguing story, it does little to change the gameplay. So...

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery Review (PC/Mac)
You may be used to seeing Flo--the quirky starlet from the Diner Dash series--doing nothing but waiting tables, but when it comes to helping out the residents of Diner Town, it seems there's nothing she can't do. Like the first Avenue Flo game, Special Delivery transports Flo from the world of time management to a casual point and click...

Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time Review (Facebook)
Telltale Games is best known for funny and witty adventure games, like Sam & Max and Tales From Monkey Island. And later this year the developer will be visiting the world of Back to the Future. To celebrate, Telltale has released its first ever Facebook game. Unfortunately, Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time amounts to little more than a...

Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera Review (PC/Mac)
Sometimes all it takes is a bit of polish. While Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera doesn't do a whole lot new with the hidden object formula, it's so incredibly well put together that it doesn't even matter. It's serious, dark tone, incredible visuals, and engaging gameplay make this among the best games the genre has ever seen.

Fishdom: Seasons Under The Sea Review (PC)
When it comes to the Fishdom games, you already know what to expect, as the match three series hasn't changed much since its initial release. But when the game is this good, that's just fine. Fishdom: Seasons Under The Sea isn't actually a new game, but instead a collection of the three holiday themed Fishdom spin-offs. So if you've already...

CSI: Crime City Review (Facebook)
Licensed video games, whether they're on Facebook or not, have a terrible track record. But CSI: Crime City bucks this trend with fun and accessible gameplay that makes great use of the CSI license. It also features some solid production values and a great, cinematic presentation. There are a few issues that keep the game from being perfect,...

Glorg Review (Browser)
Role playing games tend to be one of the more complex genres in gaming, with epic stories and plenty of stat management. Grapefrukt's Glorg looks to fix this by creating a much more accessible dungeon crawling RPG that can be played by virtually anyone. How easy is it to play? Well, Glorg is controlled by just one button.

Ravenwood Fair Review (Facebook)
The unique fantasy setting of Ravenwood Fair is a breath of fresh air. On a platform that's dominated by farms, restaurants, vampires, and gangs, it's great to finally see a new and interesting setting. The atmosphere alone is reason enough to play Ravenwood Fair, but the gameplay itself is also great, if not quite as unique. It builds upon the...

StarCraft 2 Multiplayer Review (PC)
Sequels can be risky because some people want unique and innovative changes, while others want the game to stay close to its roots, which, after all, bought about the franchise's popularity in the first place. StarCraft 2 manages to walk a fine line between the old and the new that is likely go over well with both long-time fans and those that are just introducing themselves to the IP. Here's a look at the multiplayer side of StarCraft 2.

A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets Review (PC)
The most common complaint when it comes to hidden object games is they're all so similar. Aside from story and visuals, it's often hard to tell one from the next since they feature nearly identical gameplay. And that's A Gypsy's Tale's biggest strength. While most of the game is fairly generic, it puts a new twist on the way you actually find objects. It also doesn't hurt that it's just plain gorgeous to look at.

Aion Review (PC)
The market for fantasy MMORPGs has become quite crowded in recent years, with scores of free titles flowing out of Asia on top of a flurry of North American and European efforts. Some of these games garnered considerable interest at launch, but they haven't been able to turn that into ongoing success. Aion is NCsoft's lastest offering in this genre, building on their vast experience with earlier …

Alice in Wonderland Review (PC)
Everyone knows the Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland, where a young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole and gets swept up in a magical tale of fantasy. But while the hidden object game of the same name bares some thematic similarities with its literary predecessor, it also tells a new, and very refreshing, story. It's just...

All Points Bulletin Review (PC)
No levels, no stats, no sticky targetting, no armor, and no hotbar. It's all about you, your wheels, hostile city streets, and steady aim. If it sounds like an action game rather than a typical MMOG, that's because it is. As a straight-up third-person shooter, All Points Bulletin is a rare bird in the realm of persistent world games.

Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time Review (PC)
After reviving her grandfather's restaurant in the big city, Amelie is back. But this time she's decided to take on a new challenge by opening up a brand new establishment on a tropical island. Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time plays almost identically to its predecessor, which means it's a solid time management experience that's unfortunately lacking any real new ideas.

Anarchy Online Alien Invasion Review
The latest expansion to the long-running Anarchy Online MMORPG brings an onslaught of hostile aliens to Rubi-Ka. Unlike the average MMORPG expansion, this time the monsters are hunting down the players for a change.

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Review
The scientists in Jobe have opened up a portal into a parallel dimension, and you are invited to go exploring through this dangerous new land under their supervision. Shadowlands is the first full expansion for Anarchy Online, a sci-fi MMORPG that has been quietly growing their user base for the last two years. Find out more in this review.

Antique Road Trip USA Review (PC)
If you're in the mood for a hidden object game with some down home, country flavor, look no further than Antique Road Trip USA. While it doesn't do much new that HOG fans haven't already seen before, it's a solid experience that, if nothing else, provides a new setting that hasn't been explored much by the genre.

Auto Assault Review (PC)
MMORPGs that feature pimped-out cars and fast-paced shootouts with rogue mutants don't come along every day. Auto Assault is centered on a 3 way conflict between humans, mutants, and biomeks in a post-apocolyptic world. As the driver of a high-tech, heavily armed assault vehicle, your job is to destroy almost everything in sight.

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle Review (PC)
From the opening scene, it's pretty clear that Awakening: The Dreamless Castle is doing its best to evoke classic fairytales: and it succeeds. Though the tale it tells is fairly cliche, it's done well enough to keep you engaged, and it serves as great window dressing for the actual game. And with a gorgeous, story book style presentation and some solid puzzles, there's more than enough here to ke…

Battlefield 1942 Review
Who isn't looking for some great multiplayer FPS action in a WWII simulation game? Find out why this one has been flying off store shelves everywhere.

Battlefield 2 Review
You will kill, and you will be killed. A lot. And as often as not, you won't see it coming, because Battlefield 2 keeps up the same blistering pace as the previous games in this series. Along with the shiney graphics, there are some cool new gameplay features, such as a command structure and rank system. Let's see if Battlefield 2 measures up to the hype.

Battlefield 2142 Review
Another game has joined the Battlefield series, and this time it takes us over a century into the future when war is fought with battlewalkers and floating airbases. Battlefield 2142 has a lot in common with its predecessor, Battlefield 2, but it also introduces a new gameplay mode and a deeper unlock tree. Is it a "must have" for FPS fans?

Battlefield 2: Special Forces Review
Since it's release about 5 months ago, Battlefield 2 has quickly become a favorite for fans of multiplayer military shooters. The first expansion, Special Forces, takes some of the emphasis off the game's vehicles, and brings night-vision goggles, flashbang grenades, tear gas, and grappling hooks into the fray. Could it be that Battlefield 2 is trying to take a page from Counter-Strike?

Battlefield Vietnam Review
As fond as gamers are of WWII simulations, nothing seems to generate quite as much interest as a virtual tour of duty in Vietnam. Battlefield Vietnam takes the vehicular combat we love from Battlefield 1942 into the trap-ridden jungle, complete with helicopters, 60s tunes, and punji sticks.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review (PC)
The Battlefield series has always stood out for its intense multiplayer engagements and its unique vehicular combat. Bad Company 2 is the first major Battlefield release on the PC since Battlefield 2142 back in 2006, and it also returns to the modern day setting of Battlefield 2. Gamers have quite a few military shooters to choose from, but this series continues to offer a leading-edge on…

Bejeweled Blitz Review (PC)
With the success of the Facebook version of Bejeweled Blitz, it's a bit of a curious move for PopCap Games to release a $20, downloadable version of what is essentially the same game. The port is a solid and addictive experience, with updated graphics and a few new features. But is it enough to make it worth the $20 price tag?

BF 1942: Road to Rome Expansion Review
This expansion pack for Battlefield 1942 takes the action into Italy with new armies, vehicles, and maps. Is it an essential addition to your Battlefield arsenal, or are the free mods enough to keep you going?

BF 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Review
Both the Axis and Allied forces worked on top-secret projects throughout World War II, each hoping to gain a technological advantage over their enemy. The Secret Weapons of WWII expansion for Battlefield 1942 brings some of these experiments back to life, and they do make entertaining additions to the game.

Boundless Planet Review (PC)
Boundless Planet is one of only a handful of games attempting to take the real-time strategy concept into the massively multiplayer realm. The challenge isn't just a technical one - there are a lot of potential pitfalls in designing a game of this kind. Boundless Planet launched in early November, and I had a chance to see how this new MMORTS comes together.

Braaains Review (Facebook)
Zombies are everywhere. From movies and television to comic books and video games, it seems like it's impossible to get away from the shambling, undead hordes. ANd now they're on Facebook. Only in Broken Bulb's Braaains, you don't fight against the hordes, instead you amass one of your own. The result is a nice blend of action and role playing...

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Review (PC)
Hidden object games, by their nature, tend to be very similar. If you play a lot of them it's easy to get the games confused with one another. Which is what makes Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal so special. The tale it weaves will keep you engaged from start to finish and when combined with some lovely visuals and polished gameplay, the result is simply magical.

Caelum Review (PC)
It's impossible to talk about Caelum without mentioning Peggle. The two puzzle games feature remarkably similar gameplay, so much so that at first glance it can be hard to tell which is which. But where as Peggle is a bright, cheerful, and fun experience, Caelum is much more slow and relaxed and, unfortunately, doesn't add enough new to lure players away from the maddeningly addictive Peggle.

Canabalt Review
You start off running. From what and why you don't know, but it's clear you need to get away. And in Canabalt, that's all you need to know. The game starts you off running across the rooftops of an unnamed city and it's your job to keep it going from there, navigating the treacherous urban landscape as you run away from whatever it is that's after you.

Chocolatier: Sweet Society Review (Facebook)
Playfirst is well known as the creator of some of the biggest names in casual gaming. Series like Dream Chronicles, Diner Dash, and Love & Death: Bitten. Now the developer is jumping headfirst into the world of social gaming with the release of Chocolatier: Sweet Society. Unfortunately, in spite of Playfirst's pedigree, the game is little more than another boring Facebook game severely lacking in content.

Chrome Review
Chrome is another contender in the crowded world of multiplayer FPS games. It looks terrific and sports most of the bells and whistles we've come to expect in this kind of game, including player controlled vehicles, but it certainly runs the risk of being buried in the hype surrounding big upcoming titles like Half-Life 2 and Doom 3.

City of Heroes Review
Superheroes and computer games are a natural fit for each other, yet you really only have one choice if you want to play a superhero in a graphical MMORPG. City of Heroes has earned a reputation for focusing on combat and forgoing the more tedious aspects often associated with this sort of game. It has now had over a year's worth of updates and content additions, making the crime fighting fun more appealing than ever.

City of Villains Review
It's time to don your darkest cape and give those goody two-shoes heroes of Paragon City a slap upside the head. City of Villains extends the no-nonsense fun of City of Heroes into the nefarious Rogue Isles, where you can pursue the life of a master criminal. The best part is that players can now build their own bases and brawl in the new PvP zones.

Column of the Maya Review (PC)
Despite all the potential for intrigue and mystery that the setting provides, Column of the Maya is as straightforward a hidden object game as you're likely to find. The gameplay is simple, the story short and cliche, and the puzzles are dull. And with a muddled visual style and some frustrating lack of direction, this makes it a hard game to...

Command and Conquer Generals Review
Another RTS favorite has gone 3D. If your rig is up to the task, there is no doubt that this is the best-looking Command and Conquer yet, and it brings a few new surprises to the skirmish as well.

Continuity Review (PC)
The true test of a great puzzle game is whether or not it stays with you, even when you're not playing it. When you start seeing Tetris blocks while at work or Bejeweled jewels when you should be studying, you know a game is good. And in that regard, Continuity is a success. It may be short, but this student-developed game is one of the most inventive and addictive puzzlers in recent memory.

Cooking Dash 3 Review (PC/Mac)
If you ever wondered what Flo, the star of Playfirst's "Dash" series of time management games, was like as a teenager, Cooking Dash 3 will answer that very question. The game is a prequel of sorts, starring a young Flo tasked with revitalizing a struggling amusement park. And it also features some fun new twists on the gameplay the series, with...

Cradle of Rome
Cradle of Rome is a match-3 puzzle game with an Ancient Roman theme. It's not exactly a history lesson, but your progress through the game's levels is marked with the reconstruction of the Empire's capital city. Find out if this puzzler has what it takes to keep you away from all the more important things you should be doing.

CrimeCraft Review (PC)
The apocalypse has left humanity in bad shape, and you're struggling to survive in an anarchic, gang-infested world where life is cheap. The only remaining semblance of civilization is Sunrise City, a refuge of sorts from the crime and constant warfare that rages on outside the perimeter. CrimeCraft is another attempt to blend shooter combat with RPG character development, including levels and ex…

Death Row Diner Review (Browser)
Everyone needs to eat, even prisoners. In Death Row Diner, it's up to you to make sure that those prisoners get fed, doling out their daily portions of slop. But there's more to it than simply spooning out stew, as you'll also have to keep the warden happy and break up gang fights before they get too bad. The life of a death row lunch lady rarely gets boring.

Decades Review (PC)
The developers have dubbed Decades "the greatest game in history," playing off of the game's era jumping theme. But while it's certainly not the best game ever made, Decades is a surprisingly refreshing puzzle game thanks to a unique take on the well-worn block-matching formula combined with a simple word and trivia game.

Diner Dash 5: BOOM! Review (PC/Mac)
Poor Flo. As if almost single handedly running a restaurant by herself wasn't enough, the star of the Diner Dash series has run into a snag in her latest outing: her restaurant blew up. But that doesn't stop Flo, who decides that the best thing to do is continue to serve customers anyways, wherever they happen to be. This twist helps differentiate Diner Dash 5: BOOM! from the rest of the series, …

Drawn: Dark Flight Review (PC/Mac)
Drawn: Dark Flight has a lot to live up to. Its predecessor, Drawn: The Painted Tower, was one of the best casual point-and-click adventure games released in the last few years. Yet somehow, the team at Big Fish Games Studios has managed to outdo itself once again. Dark Flight is simply a breathtaking, beautiful game that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Review (PC/Mac)
Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air kicks off a brand new trilogy for the long running series, only this time around we have a new heroine: Lyra, the frequently kidnapped daughter of Faye, is now the focus of the game, which bears a lot in common with its predecessors. This, of course, means you can expect plenty of puzzles, hidden objects, and magic, all wrapped up in a truly gorgeous presentation.

Dungeon Siege Review
Darkness has spread over the land, meaning that you, and possibly a few friends, must set things straight by force. It's a familiar theme, but if you're interested in some 3D online fantasy role playing, Dungeon Siege might be the game for you.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Review (PC)
Given the success of pen-and-paper D&D and the numerous video games that have since worn the title, it was only a matter of time before someone turned Dungeons & Dragons into a massively multiplayer game. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach is Turbine's virtual recreation of the Eberron campaign, with a heavy emphasis on the dungeon crawls that made this franchise famous. Will it be able to hold it's own in a very competitive MMORPG market? Let's see what DDO has to offer.

Eve Online Review
Eve Online gives you a chance to build an empire in space and rise to the pinnacle of galactic domination. Almost 2 years old, the game continues to grow. The recent free Exodus expansion added a long list of new features, and shortly after its release Eve set records with over 12,000 concurrent players in a single online world.

EverQuest 2 Review (PC)
Although the first EverQuest went a long way toward putting MMORPGs on the map, EverQuest 2 faced some serious competition when it launched. Since then there have been adventure packs, expansions, and an assortment of other significant changes, not least of which has been the addition of PvP servers. The prospect of an all-out war between Qeynos and Freeport was tempting enough to draw me in for a better look.

EverQuest: Planes of Power Review
Need a little high-level action for your elite EverQuest character? This expansion has some great new content for experienced players, and a number of features that will interest almost everyone in the game.

Exteel Review
In Exteel, you are the pilot of a high-tech fighting machine called a Mechanaught, which has customizable weaponry and rapid movement capabilities. Your mission is to take a big gun and slaughter other Mechanaughts in PvP arenas, capturing a few flags along the way. Story? We don't need no stinking story! Go on a killing spree and earn yourself a bigger gun, then pwn some noobs - there's your story.

Family Feud Review (Facebook)
Family Feud, the long running TV game show, is best known as a group experience. Two families compete against one another, taking turns asking questions. But the Facebook version of the trivia show is a mostly solitary experience. It gets the basic experience right, but without much in the way of a social or multiplayer component, it misses a lot of what has made the Feud such a long runn…

Fanglies Review (Facebook)
Fanglies is one of the rare games on Facebook that dares to offer up some new and interesting ideas. It plays like a cross between Animal Crossing and The Sims, and features an adorable sense of charm. Unfortunately, it's also held back by an overwhelming insistence on having lots of friends to play with.

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar Review (PC)
When the first Farm Frenzy 3 was launched last Summer, it was a refreshing change of pace. It simplified the time management series, making it faster and easier to understand. But after a series of spin-offs, the formula is clearing losing its magic. Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar is the fourth such spin-off and it does little to advance the series forward. In fact, at times it's actually hard to tell…

Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing Review (PC)
Don't let the lack of a "3" in the title fool you: like the rest of the more recent games in the series, Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing is essentially a re-skinned version of the first Farm Frenzy 3. You may be raising salmon and dolphins instead of chicken and geese, but the gameplay is exactly the same. The aquatic theme is a nice change of pace, but it's far from enough to mask the fact that you've already played this game.

Fishdom 2 Review (PC)
With all of the match-three puzzle games out there, it can be hard to make a game stand out from the pack. Developer Playrix managed to do this with the first Fishdom by letting players earn cash in the puzzle game, which could then be used for decorating and populating a virtual aquarium. Fishdom 2 offers more of the same, and while it may not be all that original, it's still one of the best mat…

Flutter Review (Facebook)
It's rare to find a Facebook game that doesn't fall into a pre-existing category. It's even more rare to find a game on the platform that's good. Flutter is both of these things, and also manages to squeeze in a positive environmental message and some of the best graphics to grace Facebook.

Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole Review (PC)
Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole is the second game in the hidden object series, and continues the story of Jessie, a young woman who stumbles into the world of time travel and mystery. The Rabbit Hole picks up just where the first game left off and looks and plays almost exactly like its predecessor. But when the first game was so good, this isn't really a problem.

Free Realms Review (PC)
Today's youngsters probably spend as much time with a game console or computer as they do with a television, so it's little wonder that we're starting to see quite a few online worlds aimed at kids and teens. ToonTown Online, Club Penguin, and Wizard101 are just a few examples, and SOE recently decided to add to the fun by releasing Free Realms. Here's a closer look.

FrontierVille Review (Facebook)
FrontierVille is the spiritual successor to FarmVille, far and away the most popular game to ever grace Facebook. But while at first glance FrontierVille looks nearly identical to its predecessor, both in terms of how it looks and how it plays, there's quite a bit more content to the game. It's not quite the evolution you might be expecting, but there's certainly a lot more to do that will help k…

Gangster City Review (Facebook)
With Gangster City, developer Playfish has jumped head first into the crowded world of Facebook mafia simulators. And while the game doesn't play all that different from other similarly themed games on the social network, in traditional Playfish style, it outdoes all of them in one important aspect: production values. Unlike the majority of Facebook games available, Gangster City looks good, whic…

Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief Review (PC)
When a gang of international art thieves starts robbing famous museums around the world, you'll definitely want some seasoned investigators on the job. Or, a recent art school grad. That's the premise of Grace's Quest, a new hidden object game in which the titular Grace travels all over Europe in search of both the art thieves and her kidnapped best friend. It's a solid and charming adventure tha…

Guild Wars Nightfall Review (PC)
Guild Wars is an online RPG that has attracted a large following with engaging cooperative missions and a highly refined PvP system. Nightfall is the latest stand-alone addition to the series, offering a new campaign to explore and introducing NPC Hero units that level alongside your character. Here's a closer look at this popular title.

Guild Wars Review
Guild Wars is an online RPG with a difference. You get an epic adventure akin to those of single-player classics and highly-competitive team PvP battles right out of the box, with no monthly fees. If you want quick action in an immersive world without the huge time commitment, this may be the game you've been looking for.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Review (PC)
With three successful stand-alone titles under its belt, Guild Wars won over many RPG fans with its fresh approach to the genre. Eye of the North is the first actual expansion for the series, designed for characters at the level cap who are ready to take on the Destroyers. It's an impressive addition to the games PvE content, and it paves the way for the sequel, Guild Wars 2.

Halo: Combat Evolved Review
If you've ever taken a warthog into a nasty group of Covenant soldiers with your guns blazing, you've probably dreamt of the day when you could play Halo online against human opponents. The long-awaited PC version of the game finally makes this possible, and the developers have put considerable energy into making Halo for the PC a good multiplayer experience.

Hamlet Review (PC)
Though it bears the same name and basic story, mif2000's interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic play Hamlet is decidedly different from the original. With quirky characters and goofy plot twists, this isn't the play you remember from English class. But while the game's peculiar sense of humor and charming cartoon visuals are wonderful,...

Hellgate: London Review (PC)
The year is 2038 and London has been reduced to rubble by hideous demons that came through the Hellgate. Humans have taken refuge in the city's Underground stations, where they do their best to fight back against the unholy invaders using all the high-tech weaponry at their disposal. Here's a look at Hellgate: London, a new action RPG from Flagship Studios.

Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout Review (PC)
In Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout it's not the Windy City that's blacked out, but the unnamed main character. After waking up with no idea of either who he is or where he is, the protagonist sets off in search of clues to help him piece together his past. This, of course, means finding lots and lots of objects. The game adds a few new twists to the traditional hidden object game formula, but f…

House, M.D. Review (PC)
The doctor is set to make a house call with the release of House, M.D. Based on the popular television series, the game stars Dr. House and his crew of doctors as they attempt to solve all manner of medical mysteries. But with writing that doesn't quite live up to its source material and a series of mini-games of varying quality, House, M.D. will likely only appeal to those who already have an interest in the show.

I Can Hold My Breath Forever Review (PC)
Sometimes the idea of exploring is made all the more interesting when you don't actually know what you're looking for. Like Small Worlds before it, I Can Hold My Breath Forever is entirely about exploration, yet, from the very beginning, you're given almost no information about who you are or what you're looking for. But, as the game slowly provides tiny snippets of story, you're compelled to exp…

Island: The Lost Medallion Review (PC)
There's probably no setting more popular for hidden object and adventure games than ancient ruins. After all, it's the perfect spot for plenty of environmental based puzzles and narrative mysteries. But this also means that it can be tough for a game to set its self apart. And Island: The Lost Medallion definitely has this problem. While it features a couple of new and interesting ideas, it's har…

Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba Review (PC)
Refer to this review to learn more about the game Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba. Learn about the story, puzzles, and gameplay features of Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba.

Kuma\War Review
A lot of first-person shooters take you back to World War II or Vietnam, but Kuma\War immerses you in the very conflicts that have been making recent headlines. Every month they release several new missions for the game based on current events. Can it measure up to the plethora of military shooters out there?

Life Quest Review (PC/Mac)
Life after high school is as exciting as it is scary. So many new choices, so many new responsibilities. Do you go back to school or get a job? Focus your time and energy on your career or your personal life? Life Quest squeezes all of these choices into a unique simulation game that, while fairly short and easy, is an addictive take on life.

Lineage 2: Scions of Destiny Review
Lineage and Lineage 2 are leading MMORPGs in Korea, but they are often overlooked here in North America. Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny was recently released for Lineage 2 and it is the largest update for the game so far, making it a good time to take a closer look at this renowned title.

Little Folk of Faery Review (PC)
As you play Little Folk of Faery, it doesn't take all that long before you realize that there isn't a whole lot for you to do. While the game initially sucks you in with it's absolutely stunning graphics and seemingly deep gameplay, the whole experience is a little too automatic to be truly engaging. It has quite a bit of charm, but not enough to mask the rest of the game.

Little Space Duo Review (PC/Mac/Linux)
Little Space Duo is a game about teamwork. It stars a pair of unlikely heroes, a young girl and her tiny robot companion, and you'll have to utilize both of their unique abilities to succeed. The result is a unique and charming puzzler, that provides a solid challenge but may be a little too difficult for some.

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth Review
Battle for Middle-earth is an attempt to merge the classic Lord of the Rings world with a real-time strategy game. Although it falls a little short of the epic conflicts of the books and movies, it does a pretty good job of bringing these disparate elements together. Here's a look at the multiplayer side of this new RTS title.

Love & Death: Bitten Review (PC/Mac)
With the success of films like the Twilight saga and TV series like True Blood, it seems that vampire/human romance stories are at an all time high in terms of popularity. Capitalizing on this trend is Love & Death: Bitten, a new hidden object game from PlayFirst. But instead of being simply yet another vampire love tale, Love & Death is actually a very solid and entertaining experience for the b…

Love Chronicles: The Spell Review (PC)
What is it with fairytale towns? For some reason, they always seem to be placed under some sort of evil spell. In Love Chronicles: The Spell, it's your job to save an entire kingdom that's been put to sleep by an evil old witch. And while the game does a good job of creating a world that's fun to explore, it may be a bit too easy for veterans of the genre.

Lunnye Devitsy Review (PC)
With a name like Lunnye Devitsy, it's clear that this is going to be a unique experience. As a platform game where the goal is to guide a diminutive alien home, there's no real conflict, instead the game is content to let you explore at your own pace. And while the game brings with it an incredibly atmospheric presentation, its lack of clear of objectives may be frustrating for some.

Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions Review
It's often hard to find a hidden object game that manages to do something different, as the genre seems to be plagued by me-too copycats and clones. That's what makes the third entry in the Magic Encyclopedia series so great. Not only is it a gorgeous, well made HOG, it also introduces a new, very compelling new gameplay feature that helps make the game one of the best the genre has seen in quite…

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Review
The latest addition to the popular Medal of Honor series takes the first-person action into the Pacific theater of operations. Fierce infantry combat is a given in a title like this, but how does it measure up to all the other military shooters out there? Here's my take on multiplayer Pacific Assault.

Mind's Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten Review (PC)
Mind's Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten starts out traditionally enough, as you take on the role of a Gabrielle, an investigative journalist who's looking into the murder of the town's mayor. Pretty standard hidden-object game fare so far. But soon things take a turn for the weird, and Gabrielle is eventually thrust into a world of bizarre psychological experiments that gives the game a somewhat dar…

Miriel's Enchanted Mystery Review (PC/Mac)
For a game about mystery and magic, Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is surprisingly dull. It's not that the game is bad per se, it's just lacking in imagination. Unlike most time management games that constantly throw new gameplay concepts at you, Miriel's Enchanted Mystery stays basically the same throughout, with only a few interesting twists added as you progress.

Monstroscity Review (Facebook)
Monstroscity is the kind of game you desperately want to love. After all, it lets you raise monsters, taking them from tiny, adorable creatures to building-sized terrors. And with charming cartoon visuals that give the game its own unique personality, it seems like a winning formula. Unfortunately, while the concept and look of Monstroscity are wonderful, the actual game part seems to hav…

My Empire Review (Facebook)
The best Facebook games tend to be the ones that aren't too demanding. Games that you can play for a short amount of time, but also for extended periods if you want to. Strategy games, meanwhile, tend to be the opposite, involving long, drawn out play sessions that can last hours. Yet, in spite of this disparity, somehow Playfish was able to make a great strategy game that fits perfectly on the s…

Mystery Trackers: The Void Review (PC)
A creepy mansion. Missing celebrities. Bizarre creatures. Mystery Trackers: The Void has it all. Developed by Elephant Games, this hidden object game blends some creative mini-games and beautiful visuals with a unique and compelling story. With a helpful hint system it may be a little too easy for some, but Mystery Trackers is definitely worth...

Neverwinter Nights Review
Back in my table-top D&D days, we used to dream wildly about future fantasy games played on high-tech hollographic devices. We're not quite there yet, but Neverwinter Nights does a remarkable job of recreating D&D for Internet play.

Osmos Review (PC/Mac)
Osmos is a game about choices as much as it is a physics-based puzzle game. In it, you control a sphere with the ability to absorb any smaller spheres you come into contact with, while larger ones will absorb you. But propelling yourself forward means that your sphere will slowly decrease in size, so the game becomes a constant battle between deciding whether or not to conserve your size or risk …

Pirates of the Burning Sea Review
Few MMORPGs use historical settings, and fewer still allow you to play a pirate cruising the Caribbean in a wooden ship, seeking gold and glory. Pirates of the Burning Sea is just such a game, and despite the title, it isn't just about pirates. Players join several different nations in a battle over the ports in the region. I've spent several weeks sailing by the seat of my pantaloons, and this game definitely offers something out of the ordinary.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Review
Disney isn't just about movies and theme parks anymore, they've become a serious contender in the online games market, with a variety of titles aimed at youngsters. Pirates of the Caribbean Online is their latest effort, based on the famous movie series, and it lets you skirmish with scurvy dogs and plunder ships on the high seas.

PlanetSide Review
If the sound of large-scale tactical combat in an FPS with hundreds of other players appeals to you, your choices are limited. PlanetSide is one of them, and it certainly aims high, but do we really have the technology to pull it off?

Poker Blitz Review (Facebook)
Poker can be a baffling game. Unless you're well versed in the subtle nuances of the popular card game, it's difficult to get into. And, for the most part, the videogame representations of the game have been designed to appeal to this already in the know demographic. Not so with Poker Blitz. The latest game from Facebook developer Zynga is aimed at introducing new players to the world of poker an…

Pulsus Review (PC)
Like it's visual design, the premise of Pulsus is deceptively simple: you have to guide enough particles into a particular goal in order to complete the stage. But things get much more complicated than that, as Pulsus quickly becomes an addictive yet relaxing puzzle experience.

Puzzle Bots Review (PC)
If there's one thing that can make just about any game more interesting, it's robots. And if those robots just so happen to be tiny and adorable, well, all the better. Puzzle Bots stars a delightful casts of miniature robots on a mission to save a factory from certain doom. It's funny, cute, and absolutely packed to the brim with puzzles to...

Puzzle Dimensions Review (PC/Mac)
Like all great puzzle games, the basic premise of Puzzle Dimension is easy to understand but difficult to master. You control a marble and the goal is to collect all of the flowers in the level before making your way out the exit. Of course, it's never as simple as that. Over the course of the game you'll have to deal with increasingly complicated stages filled with all sorts of obstacles. It's a…

Puzzle Quest 2 Review (PC)
The first Puzzle Quest was something of a revelation when it first launched back in 2007. It managed to merge the same match-three puzzle gameplay...

Robin Hood Review (PC)
It's a story that's been told a thousand times before, but that hasn't stopped Legacy Games from revisiting the tale of Robin Hood and his merry men once again. But this is a much more lighthearted take on the story, and as such the game itself is also fairly easy going. The result is a simple, but enjoyable HOG, that will have you solving...

Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Review (PC)
There's no shortage of pirate-themed games in the casual space, just as there's no shortage of hidden object games. So combining the two seems like the perfect recipe for a dull, generic game. But Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates is far from dull, instead offering a refreshing, creative, and humorous experience that puts plenty of twists on the traditional HOG formula.

Robot Unicorn Attack Review (Facebook)
With the original Robot Unicorn Attack, Adult Swim scored a surprise hit thanks to a combination of addictive gameplay and a bizarre premise. The game has since been ported to the iPhone and, now, Facebook. Unfortunately, there's little here to entice players to switch from Adult Swim's website to Facebook. This is the exact same game just with...

Robot Unicorn Attack Review (PC)
[adult swim] may be best known as a television network, but its website also happens to be one of the places to find some of the best -- and craziest -- Flash games on the web. And as you can probably guess from the name, Robot Unicorn Attack doesn't skimp on the crazy. Essentially, it's a twist on the Canabalt formula: you guide a running unicorn across some treacherous territory, helping him go…

Royal Envoy Review (PC)
At first glance Royal Envoy looks a lot like a city building strategy game. You build houses, erect structures like banks and markets, and collect taxes. But it actually plays much more like a time management game, sending you to different towns where you'll juggle several tasks at once in order to accomplish a set of goals. It's a lengthy and addictive game, that manages to be both complex and a…

Saga of Ryzom Review
The Saga of Ryzom is a MMORPG from Nevrax, a relatively small game company based in France. It's an unusual blend of sci-fi and fantasy, set on the devastated planet of Atys, which two rival factions are trying to claim. Here's my review of this complex world.

Savage: Battle for Newerth Review
While each generation of FPS games brings improved graphics and new features to the genre, for the most part, gameplay hasn't changed that much. Savage boldly takes the shooter into some uncharted territory by adding a Warcraft-like real-time strategy element to the contest. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly a different approach that will appeal to a lot of gamers.

Secret of the Magic Crystals Review (PC)
Despite it's generic fantasy sounding name, Secret of the Magic Crystals is actually a simulation game that has you breeding horses. Mythical horses like unicorns, pegasus', and demon steeds. It's a unique concept, and the game does a good job of melding casual gameplay with strong simulation elements. Unfortunately, it's also far too...

Settlement. Colossus Review (PC)
Normally hidden object games have you finding things for the sake of finding them. Sometimes the objects are loosely tied to the plot of the game -- you may occasionally come across a clue during your searches -- but, for the most part, you don't actually use what you find. Not so in Settlement. Colossus. This interesting hybrid of a HOG and a strategy game has you searching for food, firewood, a…

Shadowbane Review
Shadowbane is one of those MMORPGs people tend to either love or hate. Part of the reason for this is that, unlike most games of this kind, ruthless battles with other players over territory are what Shadowbane is all about. Here's my review of this unforgiving game.

Shutter Island Review (PC)
Shutter Island the game is loosely based on the film of the same name, in which U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is sent to investigate a missing patient at a hospital for the criminally insane. I say loosely because, while the game features the same characters, settings, and a few plot points with the film its based on, it also glosses over the majority of the story, including the very important twist…

Ski Resort Mogul Review (PC)
A ski resort is a great place to go and relax. You can get out for some fresh air and get cozy in a nice, warm log cabin. But if you're running a resort, things aren't quite so relaxing. The latest game in Alawar's "mogul" series of time management games tackles this very issue, forcing players to maintain and improve a ski resort in need of a helping hand. The result is a solid and challenging game that manages to squeeze in elements from a few other genres as well.

Small Worlds Review (PC)
Small Worlds was developed as part of an independent gaming competition centered around the theme exploration; and it shows. While there is little else to do in the game, the strange and alluring environments you're given to explore make up for the lack of action. Simply discovering the world around you is more than enough.

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Review (PC)
If there's one setting that's woefully underused in gaming, it's steampunk. And this is especially true for hidden object games. But Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club, the latest HOG from Alawar, bucks this trend, presenting a world filled with steam engines and airships. Not to mention a little bit of magic. It also happens to be an excellent game, with challenging puzzles and a lengthy…

Spirit of Adventure Review (Facebook)
If there's one thing missing from the current crop of Facebook games, it's titles that tell a meaningful story. In fact, most games on the platform don't feature much of a narrative at all. But Spirit of Adventure is different. It's so focused on telling a story that it's almost hard to characterize it as a game. But it's a unique experience, and the type of game that Facebook desperately needs.

Star Trek Online Review (PC)
When it comes to science fiction franchises, they don't get much more iconic than "Star Trek," and it's evident that the sci-fi crowd also has a penchant for video games. Cryptic Studios has taken on the enormous task of adapting this famous TV and film series into an online game. After all, what Trek fan doesn't dream of firing up the warp engines in their own ship to explore some distant part o…

Tabula Rasa Review (PC)
When it comes to MMORPGs, sci-fi fans have always had less to choose from than people who prefer elves, dwarves, and wizards. Now there is another alternative for gamers who would rather pack a laser beam than a magic wand, and it comes in the form of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. Humanity is engaged in a war with hostile aliens, and auto-attack isn't an option, so you'll have to put down your sandwich to fight your way out of this one.

Team Fortress 2 Review (PC)
Many of you probably remember the famous Team Fortress mod for Quake that helped popularize online gaming back in the 90s. Valve has given the franchise a new life in the form of Team Fortress 2, and they've done it with a style that is both instantly recognizable and humorous. It's not the most complicated shooter out there, but that hasn't kept it from being a whole lot of fun.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
Tolkien's famous trilogy, which has served as inspiration for countless roleplaying games going back several decades, is now itself a MMORPG. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar brings Middle-earth to life in an online world, which just received it's first major content patch as I finished this review. If you've ever longed to be a Hobbit on an Elf running around The Shire, you should take a closer look.

The Oil Blue Review (PC)
Drilling for oil might not sound like the most interesting concept for a game, but in The Oil Blue, it's surprisingly addictive. Set in the not too distant future, the game has you going from island to island, searching for oil and operating heavy machinery. But while initially the game may feel like a slow, methodical simulation, it eventually reveals itself to be a fast-paced frantic experience…

The Tarot's Misfortune Review (PC)
There's something to be said for a game that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but instead polishes it to a fine seen. The Tarot's Misfortune is such a game. While it doesn't do anything new with the well-worn hidden object game formula, what it does it does so well that it's easy to overlook the lack of innovation.

Tidalis Review (PC/Mac)
At this point you'd be forgiven for thinking that you've seen all that the match three genre has to offer. From Bejeweled to Turba to Puzzle Quest, the it's arguably the most crowded genre in all puzzle gaming. Yet, in spite of this, Arcen Games' Tidalis manages to offer up a fresh twist on the concept, creating an addictive experience that's equal parts challenging and relaxing. And it e…

ToonTown Online Review
There aren't a lot of massively multiplayer games designed for young kids. Along with the obvious safety concerns, many MMORPGs take a considerable effort to learn to play and they often feature violent content that isn't appropriate for children. Disney has taken a different approach with ToonTown, resulting in an online game that isn't just squeaky clean, it's easy to learn and entertaining enough that the adults in the family will likely want to play along.

Tumbledrop Review (PC)
Imagine if you took Jenga, added some differently shaped pieces, and made the entire thing almost unbearably cute. You'd probably end up with something that looks a lot like Tumbledrop. This physics based puzzle game is challenging, adorable, and a refreshing take on a well-worn genre.

Turba Review (PC)
Match-three games are about the most ubiquitous type of puzzle game out there, so it's tough for developer to do something new and creative with the genre. But the team at Binary Takeover has managed to do just that with Turba. Though its not quite as musically focused as you might think, it's still an excellent puzzler that will keep you addicted for quite some time.

Turbo Granny Review (Browser)
There's something great about the simplicity of classic videogames. The easy to pick up nature of these games is something that's been lost as the medium has become more and more complex. Turbo Granny attempts to revisit what made those games so special, with arcade style gameplay and low-fi retro visuals. And while it's mostly successful at capturing the elusive retro charm, it's a little bit to…

Turbo Turbo Turbo Review (Browser)
As the name implies, Turbo Turbo Turbo is all about going fast. Well, going fast and smashing into other cars. And getting into the occasional bar...

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Review (PC)
Developing a hidden object game that's actually scary is not an easy thing to do. With little to no action, the genre instead has to rely on its...

Undead End Review (Browser)
There's nothing more terrifying than been stranded on a dark deserted road after your car ran out of gas. It's even more terrifying when the road's not deserted, but instead teeming with an infestation of flesh eating zombies. That's the premise of Undead End, a loving tribute to classic side-scrolling action games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. But while it's great while it lasts, unfortun…

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Review
MMORPGs have come a long way in the last few years, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has set out to add some depth to this increasingly popular genre. With relatively complex crafting and diplomacy elements, the game is as ambitious as they come, but is it accessible? Here is my assessment of what I've seen of Vanguard so far.

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Review (PC/Mac/Linux)
Werewolves? Check. Psychic detectives? Check. Complicated government conspiracies? Check. A steamy love triangle? Check. Vera Blanc: Full Moon, the first episode in a new choose-your-own-adventure style series of adventure games, clearly has all of the necessary ingredients to create an intriguing adventure. And while the rather simple gameplay doesn't always engage, the story is more than enough…

Vera Blanc: Ghost in the Castle Review (PC/Mac/Linux)
Mind reading detective Vera Blanc is back, in a new adventure that sees her investigating a series of ghost sightings in a remote Italian village. While it plays out exactly like the first game in the series, Full Moon, Ghost in the Castle does an excellent job of expanding on the story line and offering up an intriguing mystery to solve. It won't win any new fans, but it's a welcome adventure for those who loved the first game.

Vietcong Review
You are about to enter the killing zone. Beware of snipers, tunnels, and other hidden dangers, because this PC shooter takes you on a tour of duty in the Vietnam jungle.

Vizati Review (PC)
Match three games are, essentially, all the same. You can wrap it up like an RPG as in Puzzle Quest or throw in a virtual fish tank like in...

Warbirds 2004 Review
If the planes in the Battlefield series are a little too simple for your awesome pilot skills, you might want to see if you have what it takes to rule the virtual skies in a flight simulator that emphasizes realism. The latest version continues the tradition with enhanced graphics, additional vehicles, artillery spotting, and more.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Review
The WarCraft series has always been a favorite of real-time strategy gamers. As a result, Reign of Chaos has some high standards to live up to. Find out if it meets the challenge!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review (PC)
In light of the market domination that is World of Warcraft, it takes serious guts to release a MMORPG these days, let alone one that is tied to the Warhammer franchise, which inspired the Warcraft series many years ago. Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves abound in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's (WAR) two-faction evil vs. good conflict, and at first glance it may look like the same old /dance we've been doing for years. Or is it?

Wedding Dash 4-Ever Review (PC/Mac)
Weddings are stressful, and no one knows that better than wedding planner extraordinaire Quinn. Returning for the fourth Wedding Dash game, Quinn's adventure is a lot like her previous ones. There are a few new features, as well as a couple of missing ones, but for the most part the game feels similar to the rest of the series. But with a series this good, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Wizard101 Review (PC)
You're a young wizard being trained in the ways of magic at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts under the watchful eye of headmaster Ambrose. As you learn to harness mystical powers, you'll be tasked with saving the school from the evil Malistaire Drake. Wizard101 is an online game for kids that has many of the trappings of an adult MMORPG built around an unusual card-based combat system, and it has been capturing the imagination of people of all ages.

World of Warcraft Review
No game has done more to make MMORPG a household word in North America than World of Warcraft. Since its launch in Nov. 2004, the game has been breaking records and receiving stellar reviews. Here's my review of this incredibly popular game.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Review (PC)
Ever since it's release over two years ago World of Warcraft has dominated the MMORPG market, particularly in North America and Europe. Now that players are romping through The Burning Crusade, the game's first expansion, interest is on the rise again. It's hard not to get caught up in the excitement that comes with thousands of fans pouring into the new zones with all sorts of hopes and expectations, but I've pulled myself away long enough to put together a review of this burning hot expansion.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Review (PC)
World of Warcraft is poised for another lucrative Christmas season, regardless of any economic slowdown. The second expansion for the game, Wrath of the Lich King, is now filled with players working their way up to the new level cap of 80. If you're a World of Warcraft fan, you probably won't be taking time out from exploring Northrend to read this review, but here it is anyway.

Writer's Blox Review (Facebook)
Any new word game coming out will have to deal with the inevitable comparisons to Scrabble, arguably the most popular game in that genre. And Writer's Blox doesn't shy away from that comparison. In fact, it seems to invite it. But there are enough new twists and additions to make it feel like a much different game, and one that's ideally suited...

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