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PlanetSide 2 Certification Grinding Tips


February 14 2013

Progress in SOE's massively multiplayer shooter, PlanetSide 2, is tied to Certification points, which can be exchanged for new items and upgrades. Cert points are awarded for a wide variety of activities in the game, including killing the enemy, capturing bases, and supplying support. You will earn Certs at a decent rate simply by playing as you would any shooter, but there are some legitimate ways to maximize your Cert gain, which can help a lot when you're starting out.

I should mention that there are many ways to exploit the experience system in PS2, primarily using engineers, medics, and friends on an enemy team. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to go about this, so I won't go into the details, and it is potentially an offense you could be banned for. One way to address this would be to implement diminishing returns for repeated actions on the same player, but it remains to be seen whether SOE will take this approach. They've already reduced XP rewards for killing newly spawned players, which should help.

Let's look at some ways to earn Certification points (which are directly correlated to XP) quickly without exploiting game mechanics or getting banned.

Kills and Base Captures

The most obvious ways accumulate Cert points are kills and base captures. If you're just starting out and you want kills, Heavy is a good choice, and the default Max loadout can also be quite effective against infantry. Base captures reward large sums of XP for all attacking players that are in proximity of the base when it changes factions. Even if you haven't participated in the battle at all, you get the full XP reward if you're on the spot when the base flips.

Play a Support Role

Without being a killing machine, the Engineer class has by far the most potential for steady experience gain. There is almost no end of things in PlanetSide 2 that require regular repair including vehicles, Max suits, SCUs, generators, turrets, and terminals. When a base changes hands, a significant amount of XP can be earned simply by running around repairing the various implacements.

Engineers also have access to ammo packs they can drop which allow other players to replenish their ammunition. Each time they resupply, the Engineer that dropped the pack receives XP. A thoughtfully placed pack, near some burster Maxes, for example, can provide a nice XP bonus.

Medic is another class that can earn Certs quickly in a large infantry battle. Medics are given XP for all heals and resurrections of dead teammates, which there are an abundance of in certain situations.

Sunderer Certifications

The sunderer is one of PlanetSide 2's primary support vehicles, but it takes a couple upgrades to get it there. The Advanced Mobile Station Certification makes it possible for your teammates to spawn at your sunderer while it's deployed, and each time they do so the owner is awarded a small amount of XP. It may not seem like much until you get your sunderer into a key location for your faction, which isn't always easy, but when you are fortunate enough be the first sundy on the scene the payoff can be huge.

With an AMS in your utility slot, you can also put either a Proximity Repair System or a Vehicle Ammo Dispenser in the defense slot. These are a bit like ammo packs except that they effect friendly vehicles rather than infantry. The owner of the sunderer is given XP when these systems are used, so they can be quite lucrative in a big vehicle battle.

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