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Free Online Games

Enjoying an Internet game does not have to cost a lot of money. Free online games come in various forms. Some can be played right through a browser window, while others require a client that can be downloaded free of charge.
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Foldit: Solving Puzzles for Science
An overview of Foldit, a puzzle game that lets you fold proteins to help scientists gain a better understanding of certain diseases and potential treatments for them.

Your Favorite Free Online Soccer Games
I'm not sure if Soccer, or perhaps more accurately, Football, is the world's most popular sport, but if it isn't, it certainly comes close. Free online soccer games have been growing in number, and they've come to offer a mixture of team management and action on the field. What are your favorite free online soccer games?

Top Free Online Soccer Games
I'm not sure if Soccer, or perhaps more accurately, Football, is the world's most popular sport, but if it isn't, it certainly comes close. Naturally, there have been vast numbers of soccer simulations and fantasy soccer games released over the years. Free online soccer games have also been growing in number, and they've come to offer a mixture...

America's Army
America's Army is a free FPS game published by the U.S. Army, and it uses the Unreal graphics engine to create a remarkably authentic military simulation. Intended as a recruitment tool, it has seen a number of updates which have added new positions and maps to the game.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
SplashDamage and Activision released Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as a free game right from the start, with no strings attached. This is an excellent multiplayer first-person shooter built on the Quake 3 engine, with solid objective-oriented gameplay and a rudimentary experience system. Get the details and download locations in this article.

SmallBall Basics
Whether you are a baseball fan or not, there is a good chance you will enjoy SmallBall, which is a free online game that makes you feel like a big league sports team manager. Batter up!

Top Free Simulation Games
A short list of free titles that our Guide to Simulation Games highly recommends.

Advanced Strategic Command
Inspired by Battle Isle for the Amiga, Advanced Strategic Command is a turn-based strategy game played on hexboard maps. The graphics aren't much to look at but the gameplay is solid.

Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, open-source, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. There are several gameplay modes, including multiplayer and hotseat, as well as a scenario editor.

Bridge Base Online Tournaments
Free online bridge tournaments using Bridge Base Online in the Total Points Tournament club. Tournaments 3 times daily for all skill levels.

A game like pool except that, instead of pockets, the table's cushions are used to score points. Features player rankings and team competitions.

Chrysler World Tours
An excellent free golf simulator sponsored by Chrysler. Features realistic courses and tournaments in which you can compete with other players worldwide. (52.2 MB)

Command & Conquer
You can now download several of the classic Command & Conquer games free of charge. This includes the original, Tiberian Sun, and Red Alert. There are instructions on how to install them on the official site.

No one to play Risk with? Try this free online strategy game with a very similar feel.

Gammon Empire
Play backgammon online for free or for cash prizes. This stand-alone software is your ticket to a very large community of backgammon players.

Ground Control (FilePlanet)
Vivendi and IGN/GameSpy have made the original Ground Control available as a free download through FilePlanet. Set in the future, this fully 3D RTS game puts you in a high-tech battle over a distant planet with up to 8 players. (670 MB)

Cute and competitive, Gunbound is a multiplayer 2D shooting game. You choose a weapons platform, or "mobile," which can then grow more powerful by battling with other players. The quick, turn-based action has a lot of people hooked.

Kingdoms of War
Diplomacy, espionage, economics, and combat are all part of this real-time multiplayer strategy game set in a fantasy world. You take control of a Province and attempt to lead it to greatness.

Liquid War
This unusual game has you trying to manipulate a blob of digital "liquid" with a magnetic cursor in such a way as to surround your enemy's blob. A simple concept that is easy to learn, will run on almost any system, and is remarkably entertaining.

Little Fighter 2
Cute little characters beating the crap out of each other by whatever means is at their disposal, including baseball bats and beer bottles. It's a quick download, supports up to 8 players, and can even be played with multiple controllers on a single PC.

New Zealand Paintball
Offers downloads of 4 free paintball-related computer games.

One of the world's most popular chess servers. Uses a game client designed specifically for chess and features a very robust ranking system. Guests can play for free.

Scorched 3D
A 3D remake of the famous Scorched Earth computer game featuring turn-based ballistic combat. You can invest your winnings in additional weapons and accessories. It has nice graphics, supports up to 24 players, and it's available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows.

Hit the course in this free 3D online golf game, which combines solid golf simulation with roleplaying elements. There are competitions, tournaments, and rankings. Shot-Online is supported through the sale of game perks and items.

Download a small, free client (1 MB) that lets you manage and train your own unique team to compete in these graphical online sports games.

Soldat is a free side-scrolling multiplayer action game with some great features like team play and capture the flag mode, although the controls take some getting used to.

Starport: Galactic Empires
A 2D massively multiplayer space conquest game played in 2 week cycles. It has an imaginative mix of strategy and RPG elements, it's a relatively small download (61 MB), and you can play for free.

The Universal
This free, massively multiplayer galaxy is populated with worlds that are owned and operated by other players. It's an online sandbox of sorts where you can explore a variety of different themes and gameplay styles.

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