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Flash Games

Although similar to Shockwave, and produced by the same company, Flash is a slightly slower but still very effective and popular format for online games. With each release the two plugins get more alike. One great thing about Flash is that over 90 percent of Internet users already have it installed on their systems.

Beach Volleyball
A very simple but challenging volleyball game. Two can play on the same computer.

Build a Pyramid
Try to build an Egyptian pyramid before time runs out in this unusual Flash sim.

A free Flash shooter based on Counter-Strike. If you're familiar with CS you'll find this crude rendition very amusing.

Canons Online
The Scorched Earth ballistics game redone using Flash.

Electrotank Mini Golf
Simple controls and clear graphics in an imaginative little golf game.

Evolve your amoeba-like entity by eating the other entities on the screen in this mesmerizing Flash game, designed as part of a MFA thesis.

Slide the dark-colored block to freedom and you win. A simple but intriguing Flash puzzle game.

Hairy Bullet Games
Play Golden Arrow 2, a nifty archery game, or try out some other unusual Flash experiments, like juggling.

Line Rider
You draw a track for a sledder and watch gravity do its thing as he tries to traverse your course. This simple free Flash toy was a big hit on the Web, and it's on its way to Nintendo consoles.

King's Call Online Adventure Game
In this free, Flash-based adventure game, journey through the fantasy world of Kaleo and learn along the way about life, choices, and what's really important.

Mah Jong
Very nice-looking Flash Mah Jong which uses the traditional tile set. Includes rules for those that are new to the game.

Massively Multiplayer Pong
You control a colored blob with your mouse and your team's paddle moves to the average position of all the blobs on your side. Not exactly fun, but it makes up for it in weirdness.

Mole in One
Help the mole find the flag in this cute Flash game which is a bit like golf.

MultiLevel Tetris
A classic with a new look and some interesting new levels.

Neave's Web Games
Some classics like Pong, Pacman, and Space Invaders redone in Flash. Very true to the originals.

Your objective in this clever puzzle game is to untangle the mess by moving vertices around the screen. Don't let the early levels fool you, it takes some serious thought when you get further in.

Planet W Games
Good collection of Flash games for kids, including word search, trivia, and paddle ball.

Tennis Ace
Flash tennis with 3 difficulty levels and straightforward mouse controls.

Webland Arcade
Several good free Flash games, including an impressive version of Asteroids with some nifty features.

A puzzle building and solving game similar to the old board game Mouse Trap. An excellent free game for kids.

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