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Game Demos and Trials

Games don't always come cheap these days, so it's always great to be able to try a game out before sinking your cash into it. If one of the demos listed below is no longer available, please let me know.

Age of Empires III Demo
Exceptional graphics and unique multiplayer features such as persistent Home Cities give the latest game in this series from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft a strong appeal. Here are download locations for the Age of Empires III Demo. (365 MB)

Battlefield 2 Demo
Battlefield 2 focuses on fast-paced vehicular combat in a modern setting. Play the Gulf of Oman map with up to 32 players in this demo. (560 MB)

C&C Generals Demo
Skirmish as one of three unique factions in this fully 3D addition to the highly acclaimed C&C series. The demo includes a single-player mission from each faction and a tutorial. (406 MB)

Call of Duty Demo
This is a critically acclaimed WWII FPS from Activision and Infinity Ward. The demos are single-player only, but the game does have multiplayer support. There are demos for both the original Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 on this site.

City of Heroes Free Trial
PlayNC offers 14 free days of City of Heroes to anyone interested in pursuing their superhero alter-ego. It's a refreshing change of pace from the abundance of MMORPGs that feature elves, gnomes, and dwarves.

Codename: Panzers Demo
A multiplayer demo for CDV's World War II strategy game, Codename: Panzers. The graphics are great, the weaponry is historically accurate, and it supports up to 8 players online. (178 MB)

Command & Conquer 3 Demo
EA has released a demo of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, the latest game in their classic real-time strategy series. The demo includes a tutorial, 2 single-player missions, and a skirmish map. (1.2 GB)

Cossacks II Demo
Napoleonic wars are the focus of the Cossacks RTS series. The game supports classical deathmatch multiplayer and also allows you to fight famous historical battles. (500 MB)

Crysis Demo
Play through the first level of this next-gen shooter from Crytec. The graphics are spectacular and they've implemented some impressive physics in the environments. The demo is single-player only. (1.8 GB)

Dark Age of Camelot Free Trial
Dark Age of Camelot gives you 7 days of free play to decide if this is the MMORPG for you. The trial now includes the New Frontiers expansion and is available through FilePlanet. (748 MB)

Doom 3 Demo
id Software has released a demo for Doom 3, giving you a chance to check out three levels of the game free of charge. If you're ready to kick some butt on Mars, here's where you will find the 461 MB download.

Dungeon Siege II Demo
Try out the party-based combat in this RPG from Gaspowered Games. Up to 4 people can play Dungeon Siege 2 on a LAN or using a direct Internet connection. (1.39 GB)

Far Cry Demo
Get a taste of the new CryEngine, intended to push the gaming threshold with Polybump mapping, advanced environment and character physics, destructible terrain, and "the longest view-distance ever witnessed in a first-person shooter." It's a single-player demo, but the full version has multiplayer capabilities. (496 MB)

Half-Life 2 Demo
Play through some of the early levels of this visually spectacular FPS, which was one of the most highly-praised action games released in 2004.

Hellgate: London Demo
Hordes of demons are invading London and you're assigned the task of fighting them back. Hellgate: London is an action RPG from Flagship Studios, and this demo lets you check out the single-player side of the game. (1.5 GB)

Horizons Free Trial
Artifact is offering a free trail of their new MMORPG, Horizons. The game is set in the dynamic world of Istaria, which players are trying to save from an invasion of Undead hordes. The 946 MB client is available through FilePlanet. You will need a credit card although you won't be charged unless you decide to purchase the game.

Jedi Knight II Demo
A single-player level that isn't included in the retail version of the game. Limited weaponry but it does give you a feel for the trusty lightsaber.

Neocron 2 Demo
Hunt monsters and mutants with thousands of other players in a sci-fi based game that is refreshingly reminiscient of a FPS. Features "game in game" deathmatch arenas and plenty of areas to explore. A 10 day free trial is available. Credit card number required as proof of identity. (1.6 GB)

Neverwinter Nights Demo
A relatively limited demo, but it does give you the basics of gameplay. Takes you through the prelude to the single player game and gives you a chance to chop up a few skeletons. (313 MB)

Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer Demo
2-8 players can participate as members of an infantry squad over a LAN or the Internet. The game follows a cold war crisis theme. (49 MB)

Pacific Assault Multiplayer Demo
EA Games has released a demo of Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, the latest installment in this renowned series of World War II shooters. You can try 3 game modes with up to 16 players. (324 MB)

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo
Up to 12 players can compete online in this highly realistic motor sport game. Race through Sears Point, Norisring and Adelaide in this demo. (168 MB)

Rome: Total War Demo
This demo includes a tutorial and one historical battle in which you get to take Hannibal's army, complete with elephants, up against the advancing Romans. Here are download locations for the 162 MB file.

Saga of Ryzom Trial
This trial gives you access to The Saga of Ryzom, a MMORPG which blends fantasy and sci-fi settings. The game has skill-based advancement and a unique modular action system.

Star Wars Galaxies Free Trial
This MMORPG has changed dramatically since it's release in 2003, so if you haven't played in a while, you may want to give it another shot. The 10 day trial is a 656 MB download provided through FilePlanet.

Tron 2.0 Multiplayer Demo
This sci-fi shooter is based on the 1982 film classic. Up to 16 people can play in expansive team-based multiplayer levels. (FilePlanet registration required.)

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo
Information and download locations for the wildly popular Unreal Tournament 2004 demo. It features 5 maps playable in 6 different game modes, and is available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows. (209 MB)

Unreal Tournament 3 Demo
Midway and Epic Games have released a demo if Unreal Tournament 3. It features three maps which demonstrate Deathmatch and Vehicle Capture the Flag play modes. You have the option to play against bots or go online to battle human opponents. (741 MB)

World in Conflict Demo
This demo let's you try both single-player and multiplayer modes in Massive Entertainment's new RTS game, World in Conflict. In a fresh approach, they've forgone base-building completely, and you control a very limited number of units compared to most games of this kind, but this gives it a strong tactical component. (1.2 GB)

World of Warcraft Free Trial
FilePlanet has a trial of World of Warcraft available. You can play for 10 days as a registered user (which is free), or 14 days if you are a FilePlanet subscriber. Note that you can't trade or use general chat during your trial period.

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