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Top Casual Zombie Games


January 29 2011

Zombies are everywhere. The undead have shambled their way into our movies, books, comics, and even television shows. And casual games are not safe from the onslaught either. There are plenty of great games starring brain hungry zombies that will appeal to casual players. They're on Facebook, in browsers, and on download portals. And these are our favorites.

1. Rebuild

Two Towers Games

When zombies take over the world, what will you do? That's the question that Rebuild, an incredibly addictive browser-based strategy game, asks. It's your goal to rebuild the world as we know it through careful planning. It's not particularly difficult, and it's over surprisingly quickly, but while it lasts Rebuild is hard to step away from.


2. Braaains

Broken Bulb Studios

Zombies are everywhere. From movies and television to comic books and video games, it seems like it's impossible to get away from the shambling, undead hordes. And now they're on Facebook. Only in Broken Bulb's Braaains, you don't fight against the hordes, instead you amass one of your own. The result is a nice blend of action and role playing game elements, though it does tend to get a bit tedious after a while.


3. Plants vs Zombies

Popcap Games

All of the movies you've seen and the books you've read have lied to you. Guns aren't the key to defending against zombies: plants are. Planst vs Zombies is a highly strategic, and incredibly addictive, spin on the tower defense genre that has you building up an arsenal comprised solely of plants. Giant walnuts serve as barriers, pea shooters fire at your shambling foes, and watermelon cannons will launch, well, watermelons that explode on contact. Play long enough and you might even see a zombie yeti.

4. Zombie Mosh

Menue Americas

Zombies don't just like eating people, they also like to dance! Zombie Mosh on Facebook lets you create a crazy club to lure in humans, You can customize how it looks, switch up the soundtrack, and then once everyone is enjoying themselves, you can turn them over to the undead side. If you've never seen a zombie rocking out then you need to play Zombie Mosh.

5. Zombie Pirates

Dust Devil Studios

Zombie Pirates is a lot like Plants vs Zombies, except it takes place on the sea. It's a simple, yet addictive, strategy game that has you commanding a fleet of ships as you attempt to fight off wave after wave of the titular zombified pirates. It's quick and challenging and has plenty of flesh eating zombies to shoot with a cannonball.

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