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Games in Beta Testing

It seems to be the nature of gamers to always be eagerly anticipating the next big thing. These are games in (or near) the beta testing phase, during which developers get feedback and put finishing touches on the game before official release. Whether you want to become a beta tester or not, all of these titles are a sign of things to come in online gaming.

Upcoming MMORPGs
Although World of Warcraft continues to dominate the MMORPG scene, the genre is growing steadily and developers are experimenting with a wide variety of settings and game mechanics, with mixed results. There are a few big titles due in 2011, so let's look a ahead to see what we might be playing in in the upcoming months.

APB Reloaded
All Points Bulletin has a new owner and they are bringing the game back online following the demise of the original developer, Realtime Worlds. Now operated by GamersFirst under the title APB Reloaded, the revised game will be free-to-play.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Bioware has started accepting beta test applications for Star Wars: The Old Republic, their upcoming MMORPG set in the "Star Wars" universe. Interest in this game is extremely high, in part because of the success of Bioware's previous "Star Wars" titles.

Minecraft is a simple building block game that has become an online sensation, despite being developed by a very small independent company. The game revolves around mining materials and crafting almost anything you can imagine from them. People have made castles, replicas of real catherdrals, working CPUs, and even entire landscapes in Minecraft.

One of a few upcoming MMORPGs that aims to give free access to everyone, with no monthly fee. Features a fully 3D environment and 12 player classes to choose from.

World of Planes
Gaijin Entertainment is working on a MMO flight simulator based on WWII aircraft. They've developed several well-known simulators in the past, including IL-2 Sturmovik, Wings of Prey, and Apache: Air Assault. World of Planes will offer online air battles with hundreds of planes, a detailed damage model, an huge combat areas that reproduce historical theaters of war.

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