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Multiplayer first-person shooters (FPS) were among the earliest graphical computer games to become playable over the Internet. Today there are a growing number of alternatives in this area, including the Quake, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, and Battlefield series.
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  2. Quake (8)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips
The Battlefield series has long been a popular source of multiplayer mayhem on the PC, and in recent years it has become a hit on consoles as well. Bad Company 2 has revived interest in the franchise, well-known for its team-based combat and player-controlled vehicles. While many of the shooter skills learned in other games carry over nicely into Bad Company 2, there are some differences which ca…

Top Multiplayer Shooters
First-person shooters are still a mainstay of entertainment for online gamers, in part because they don't normally charge monthly subscription fees, and in part because broadband Internet has made them more competitive and fun than ever. The latest games in this genre offer remarkable graphics, large maps, integrated voice chat, and an...

Multiplayer Online Shooters 101
First-person shooters have come a long way since Quake demonstrated the potential for online play in a 3D action game. Today multiplayer shooters are played on consoles as well as PCs, and they encompass everything from realistic counter-terrorist settings to extreme science fiction. This is a quick summary of how most FPSes are played online.

Battlefield 2142 Review
Another game has joined the Battlefield series, and this time it takes us over a century into the future when war is fought with battlewalkers and floating airbases. Battlefield 2142 has a lot in common with its predecessor, Battlefield 2, but it also introduces a new gameplay mode and a deeper unlock tree. Is it a "must have" for FPS fans?

Battlefield 2 Review
You will kill, and you will be killed. As often as not, you won't see it coming, because Battlefield 2 keeps up the same blistering pace as the previous games in this series. Along with the shiney graphics, there are some cool new gameplay features, such as a command structure and rank system. Let's see if Battlefield 2 measures up to the hype.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces Review
Since it's release about 5 months ago, Battlefield 2 has quickly become a favorite for fans of multiplayer military shooters. The first expansion, Special Forces, takes some of the emphasis off the game's vehicles, and brings night-vision goggles, flashbang grenades, tear gas, and grappling hooks into the fray. Could it be that Battlefield 2 is trying to take a page from Counter-Strike?

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Developed by SplashDamage, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an excellent WWII first-person shooter that you can enjoy for free. Get the details and download locations in this profile.

America's Army
America's Army: Operations is a free FPS game published by the U.S. Army, and it uses the Unreal graphics engine to create a remarkably authentic military simulation. If you're looking for a great multiplayer shooter similar in many ways Counter-Strike, but you're on a budget, this game is essential.

Battlefield 1942
Experiment with a variety of World War II weapons and vehicles in this landmark first-person action game which kicked-off an entire series. Play historical battles on large maps with familiar FPS controls for tanks and planes.

Battlefield 2
Modern combat is the focus of this popular Battlefield sequel, complete with guided missiles and artillery strikes. New features include built-in voice chat, a persistent player ranking system, and a commander position which introduces some unique tools to facilitate team organization.

Battlefield Vietnam
Similar in many ways to Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam takes vehicular warfare into the jungles of Vietnam, complete with helicopters, 60s tunes, and punji sticks.

Bullseye Crosshairs
Sometimes a game just doesn't feel right without the ultimate crosshairs. This site has custom crosshairs for Quake, Half-Life, and a few other games.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Renowned for intense World War II infantry combat, Call of Duty 4 brings the series into a modern warfare setting. Multiplayer features received special attention in the latest release, which has a deep and very addictive persistent stats system that rewards players with upgraded skills and items as they gain experience.

Cosmic Rift
A sophisticated space-oriented, arcade-style shoot 'em up that pits teams of online opponents against each other. Requires a Sony Station Pass Subscription.

One of 2007's most popular FPS games, Crysis pushes PC graphics to the next level, not only with first-rate visuals, but also some of the best physics in a game to date. As well as the standard Deathmatch mode, Crysis offers Power Struggle, which has players capturing bases to dominate the map, similar to the Battlefield series. The game has 5 multiplayer maps and supports up to 32 players.

Dark Horizons Lore
Take command of the 22nd century’s finest achievement, the Mechanized Assault Vehicle, in this explosive multiplayer action game.

Desert Combat
The official site of this popular mod for Battlefield 1942, which stages the game in a more modern setting.

Doom 3
The latest in the Doom series from id Software, this game features revolutionary graphics and a theme very reminiscient of the original. Officially supports up to 4 players, but it has already been modified to accommodate at least 16.

First Encounter Assault Recon is a paranormal-themed shooter from Sierra and Monolith. One feature is a slow-motion function that makes moments of heavy action that much more dramatic.

Half-Life 2
The official site of the sequel to one of the most cherished first-person shooters of all time. Great graphics and a compelling storyline have made it a single-player classic, and a Death Match mode is also available.

Halo: Combat Evolved for Windows
The long-awaited PC version of the game finally makes it possible to play Halo online against human opponents. Supports up to 16 players.

This multiplayer online-only game from Sony Station lets hundreds of players compete in extremely detailed arcade strategy modeled around futuristic tactical combat.

Multi Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released as a single-player game, but that hasn't stopped fans from modifying it to get more people into the action. Hopefully Multi Theft Auto will extend the life of this dearly loved and relentlessly persecuted game.

Operation Flashpoint
This FPS lets you take control of a wide variety of military vehicles on some impressively large maps. Themed around the cold war with an astonishing amount of realism and attention to detail by designers that served in the Czech army.

Planet Half-Life
This site has one of the best collections of Half-Life resources on the Net, including all the most popular mod files and maps.

An FPS/RTS hybrid that pits humanity, armed with science and technology, against the beast horde, masters of nature and magic.

Star Wars: Battlefront II
The Battlefront series recreates the "Star Wars" universe in the form of a multiplayer first-person shooter. Battlefront II has space combat as well as ground battles, and occasionally you get a chance to play as one of the film's heroes.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2 isn't the most sophisticated multiplayer shooter on the market, but it recaptures the player classes and teamplay of earlier games in the series beautifully. It features a distinctly cartoonish appearance that fits it extremely well and gives it an extra dose of character. You can buy it separately on Steam or as part of The Orange Box compilation of games on store shelves.

Total Simulation Series
A series of massively multiplayer simulation games featuring aerial and tank combat from World War I and World War II. They offer a 2 week free trial period which gives you access to five of their games, including Warbirds 2004, Dawn of Aces III, and Armored Assault.

Unreal Tournament 3
The Unreal Tournament series has always been a solid contender among multiplayer shooters, and Unreal Tournament 3 brings it up to date with Epic's new Unreal 3 graphics engine. Along with many of the vehicles from UT 2004, there are a bunch of new machines to drive, including the incredibly cool Darkwalker and Hoverboards that let you "hitch a ride" on other vehicles.

War World
A multiplayer mech combat shooter which can be purchased online. The demo gives you 30 minutes of free play. This game uses first-person controls with a third-person point of view.

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