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Rift Review (PC) - Internet Games - About.com
Rifts add an interesting element to gameplay, and they have improved on earlier implementations of this concept. They give players a common enemy to fight, ...
Rift Valley, Uganda-Congo - Tectonic Landforms
Africa's Great Rift Valley is the world's largest example of a rift valley. This photo looks west from the Butiaba escarpment, in Uganda, across Lake Albert to the ...
The Great Rift / Eastern Rift Valley of Africa
The Rift Valley, also known as the Great Rift Valley or Eastern Rift Valley, is a geological feature that runs south from Jordan in south west Asia, through East ...
Rock Fabric in Quarries: Rift, Grain and Hardway
The most important direction in a granite quarry is the rift or run, the direction along which the stone splits most easily. That's usually a vertical plane. Next in ...
Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift, Crowdfunders Go Berserk
To date, Oculus Rift, the maker of the Oculus VR virtual reality headset for gaming , managed one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter ...
About Divergent Zones in Plate Tectonics - Geology - About.com
They have relatively little magma production so that the ridge crest can develop a deep dropped-down block, a rift valley, at its center. Fast-spreading ridges like ...
Rio Grande Rift - Albuquerque - About.com
Answer: The Rio Grande rift is a geologic surface feature that is distinguished by an elongated valley. Rifts are formed when the earth's crust stretches and thins.
Rift Valley - About Archaeology
The Rift Valley of eastern Africa and Asia is an enormous geological split in the crust of the earth.
Oculus Rift Features - New Tech - About.com
The Oculus Rift is a highly anticipated virtual reality gaming device. Find out what features are causing it to be seen as a potential game-changer in the tech ...
Coping with a Family Rift - Mental Health - About.com
Apr 9, 2004 ... While glamorous stars get into the spotlight when there's a rift in their family, the problem afflicts ordinary folk with a surprising frequency as ...
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