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MMORPGs - Internet Games - About.com
If you're new to playing MMORPGs, this section should answer the most obvious questions most people have about getting started in massively multiplayer ...
Top Fantasy MMORPGs - Internet Games - About.com
In these fantasy-themed MMORPGs games you create a character, don a sword or a spellbook, and venture off into a persistent online world in search of ...
Top Science Fiction MMORPGs - Internet Games - About.com
If laser-beam toting superheroes are more your style than elves and dwarves, these science fiction MMORPGs feature persistent worlds full of high-tech ...
The Evolution of MMORPGs - Internet Games - About.com
Mar 28, 2010 ... Just about every discussion of MMORPGs these days brings out people who will argue that the industry is stagnant, that recent releases have ...
The Dark Side of MMORPGs - Internet Games - About.com
... virtual worlds aren't always as enjoyable as the hype makes them out to be. This is a look at some of the problems that have plagued MMORPGs over the years.
MMORPGs: Sandbox vs. Themepark - Internet Games - About.com
Dec 10, 2011 ... In the MMORPG genre, the themepark approach has been a great deal more successful than the sandbox approach in recent years, so it's ...
Star Wars MMORPGs: What Went Wrong?
Aug 21, 2012 ... Stars Wars seems like an ideal franchise to build a MMORPG around, but it hasn't worked out quite as planned for two attempts that have been ...
Upcoming MMORPGs: 2011 and Beyond
May 29, 2011 ... Although World of Warcraft continues to dominate the MMORPG scene, the genre is growing steadily and developers are experimenting with a ...
What Makes a Game "Massively" Multiplayer? - Internet Games
The term MMOG or MMORPG first appeared around 1995, and was used to describe games like Interactive Magic's Air Warrior flight simulator, which allowed up ...
MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Cheats
The RPG element of MMORPG indicates that games of this type also include Role Playing Elements, suggesting that the characters you play as will 'level up,' or ...
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