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Using Voice Chat and Headsets in Games
I've also found out recently that the speech-to-text features of some voice recognition software can made it work with games, meaning that you can use the  ...
Make Your Own Video Games and Software - Family Technology
Imagine making your own video games or virtual worlds! Learning to program is not just fun and useful for future career opportunities. It builds logic, problem ...
Linux Software: Games - About.com
Fun computer games for the Linux operating system and other systems. ... Introduction to CrossOver Games, a software for running Microsoft Windows games on ...
List of Full Suites of 3D Software Applications - About.com
A list of all the major 3D software applications in use by today's top production ... 3ds Max does for the game industry what Maya does for film and visual-effects.
So you want to be a Game Developer? - C/C++/C - About.com
If you are learning to program games, don't neglect the power of the web. Sourceforge is home to thousands of open source projects including many games.
Before You Install a Computer Game - About Sim Games
When you open the installation program for a new game you'll probably see message asking you to close all programs before you continue. Close any windows ...
Golf Software - News about Programs and Apps
The category of golf software is still expanding, however, with interactive programs for gaming consoles that can help golfers improve our games; with ...
Use Note Software to Track Gaming Sessions - Casino Gambling
Track your gaming sessions with note software and free apps.
Pre-Loaded Software in the Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo DS - About.com
This is where the user selects games and programs from a stacked "fridge" setup that should look very familiar for Wii owners. It's a little more streamlined than ...
Alpha game software - definition - Game Industry - About.com
During the development of game software (and software in general), it is common to break down the phases into shorthand, using the Greek letters alpha and ...
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