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Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2 Screenshot

Guild Wars 2 combines a fresh implementation of public questing with complex, large-scale, server vs. server PvP battles, among other things. Here's my review of this new MMORPG from ArenaNet.

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Neverwinter Primer

Saturday April 27, 2013
There have been quite a number of video games based on the iconic Dungeons and Dragons franchise, and now Cryptic Studios is having a go at it with their upcoming MMORPG, Neverwinter. Along with many of the usual MMORPG trappings, they plan to let players contribute content to the game through a toolset called "The Foundry." This is a quick introduction to Neverwinter for the uninitiated.

Eve Online to Inspire Comic Book, TV Series

Saturday April 27, 2013
Eve has always been a game full of political intrigue, treachery, espionage, betrayal, and fraud, so in many ways it could make a great source of material for comic books and television shows. Apparently CCP, the developer of Eve Online, is planning to do just that with the best stories and ideas they can glean from Eve True Stories, where people can submit and rate tales of their adventures in New Eden. PC Gamer has posted an interview with Thor Gunnarsson, CCP's VP of Business Development, with more details on this project.

World of Warplanes Beta Impressions

Friday April 19, 2013
World of Tanks has been a big hit for Wargaming, so it stands to reason they're trying to grow their success by applying the concept to planes and other military vehicles. World of Warplanes is the next project on their roster and it's currently in closed beta testing. I've taken to the skies for a first-hand look at the game.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Launches

Tuesday April 16, 2013
Following several delays, Aventurine's fantasy MMORPG sequel, Darkfall Unholy Wars, is now live. The game has an action-based combat system, open PvP, and what they describe as "the largest seamless and zone-less world of its kind." Unlike most sequels, this one actually replaces the original Darkfall, which was shut down in November of 2012. Unholy Wars uses a traditional subscription model: $39.95 for the game client and a monthly fee of $14.95 after the first 30 days of access.

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